Barcode Portraits of Pop Icons by Scott Blake


An American artist has created some amazing portraits of pop icons using an interesting medium: barcodes. How is that possible? Read on to find out!

We don’t really pay attention to these teeny lines found on most consumer goods, but American artist Scott Blake found barcodes an interesting medium to work with. For his portraits of pop icons, the Nebraska-based artist uses thousands of barcodes from various merchandise related to the icons, and sometimes even shapes them into curves to accentuate certain areas or details. But wait, there’s more—scan the barcodes and you’ll find something about the artist, such as movie clips and playable music.

Photos via Artflakes and Scott Blake on Flickr

Among the key pieces of his barcode portrait series are those of Andy Warhol, made using 2,160 barcodes from Campbell soup cans; Marilyn Monroe, made using 1,944 barcodes from 22 DVDs of her films; and Elvis Presley, made using 51 barcodes from his music CDs. While these are definitely done digitally, it’s interesting how these portraits pay homage to the pop icons of the yester-decades that remain timeless to this day.

Watch the video below for some interesting tidbits on his Marilyn Monroe barcode portrait:

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All information for this article were taken from Artflakes, Lost at E Minor, and Scott Blake's Official Website.

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