Ringflash of True Colors


If you are familiar with a regular ring flash, it is described as “a circular professional flash accessory”. It is a serious photographers flash and an indispensable part of studio lighting.

The Ringflash reinvented

It’s used to soften facial features and used for “glowing” product shots. But when Lomography got a hold of the normal ring flash it couldn’t be bothered with its usual features. In other words Lomography got bored with it and decided to make it funky. Enter the Lomography Ringflash the Colorsplash Flash’s big cousin. Its powered by 2 AA batteries and armed with four bright flash bulbs on the top, bottom and sides of its circle. This flash also comes with an assortment of color gels and colored diffuser rings. Don’t be fooled with the small bulbs, its as powerful as the Holga CFN’s flashbulb ( a friendly warning, you could be blinded temporarily). The Ringflash also includes mounts for the L-CA, the Fisheye, Holga and the Diana. You can hook it up on a hot shoe or sync it using a slave.

Now, get close

The Ringflash is perfect for getting close and you’ll get glowing lomo shots! Unlike its cousin the Colorsplash Flash, which will get you a washed out, overexposed photo when you get too close. With the Ringflash, it will produce an even light around the subject you shot. When using your LC-A, remember not to put it on “A”, it’ll burn the shot. Try putting it on smaller apertures like 8 or 16 (note the friendly warning on top). Using the LC-A+, Fisheye, the Holga and Diana however is a breeze. Just hook it up and choose your color gels and diffusion rings, I love the yellow one since it gives of a real nice even glow specially at night. The red diffuser is too dark and the blue one too normal. i hope they got a magenta colored one which is my fave filter for the Colorsplash Flash. Another awesome technique is holding the camera steady and open. Make sure you stand in a very dark background with no wall to bounce off the flash, this way you get to absorb all the passing lights and then it finishes it off with an even flash.

You are the ringmaster

“It’s a customized donut flash.” “oh, I made it myself…” “what this? It’s my LC-A’s halo!” Any which way you try to describe your Ringflash, its definitely a weird gadget. When you go out with your Ringflash, don’t forget to work it. It’s a head turner and I’m pretty sure you’ll get comments in less than 15 seconds when you take it out. Enjoy it.

Fun stuff here. Read the microsite: The Lomography Ringflash

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    I love this toy ! Cool review !

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love the ringflash too! My fav is to use it with Fisheye or the LCA & Wide angle lens! :)) Great review! :)

  3. comezone
    comezone ·

    what I dont like about the ringflash is that it blocks the light to the lightmeter on the LCA and causes "long" exposures. Though I love it on my fisheye ;)

  4. gyiu
    gyiu ·

    nice !!!!! I use LC-A+, should I set the ISO to 800 or 1600 ?? I took some pic with the rignflash and with my ISO on 400, but a lot of the pic are overexposed... :-(

  5. jeremy_winkie
    jeremy_winkie ·

    i use the ringflash w/ diana F+ and on most of my pics I get a weird curvy line on the right side of the pic. ive used different lenses, different films and another diana. still happens. anybody have a fix? check out my home for examples if you want

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