DM Paradies 200 (35mm, ISO 200): An Affordable Color Negative Film


The DM 200 Paradies is an affordable color negative film sold at the DM market in Germany. Read about my review of this film after the break.

Buying films in stores rather that on the internet is becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily, the German drugstore DM still offers films. Now, one might think that the price is very high, but this is not so. A roll will cost less than 1 €. This makes about 2 cents per image. This makes analogue photography really fun and you save a lot of money compared to expensive films. The DM 200 film is produced in the US.

Compared to the DM Paradies 400 image, the ISO 200 yields sharper and clearer gain with half the sensitivity. In low light situations, one should resort to the Paradies DM 400.

These pictures with the DM Paradies 200 were made with the JC23.

The colors of the film come out very ‘normal’. It is a standard film that produces normal images. You get a stable quality, no funky colors, you just get good images. There are no big surprises, too. This is good for everyday use. The DM Paradies 200 is cheaper when bough in a pack. Unfortunately, this film is only available in Europe and America, and not in Asia.

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  1. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    I used a lot of DM Paradies rolls, that I bought on a trip to Berlin last year. I was actually really pleased with the results and hope to grab some again, when I'm goingt to Germany next time..

  2. neja
    neja ·

    Not yet convinced I like the colours...

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