Old Memories with an Old Canon


I found at my dad's home an old Canon T50, decided to put it to use and it still shoots perfectly. I'm going to review it pointing out some pros and cons of this nice camera.

I have a Holga 120 CFN that I like a lot. For her I’ve bought some accessories: filters, fisheye lens… Being a little tired of only being able to use the 120mm film, I bought the 35mm film adaptor. I wasn’t very happy with the results and decided it would be better to get a new 135mm camera. I would go for a new Holga, since I like my 120 very much and most of the accessories would mach.

Well, my dad used to take a lot of photos with film cameras and he has a lot of them. When we began taking digital pictures, his Canon EOS something (I can’t remember the number…) broke down and he stopped taking pictures. So, before going to the store to get a new Holga, I’ve decided to see the cameras we had at home. Most of them were broken, but there was a Canon T50 in perfect shape. I cleaned it, arranged the lenses, putted the batteries, loaded a film and started shooting. It works perfectly. It’s not a camera that we hear a lot about here, so I decided to review it.

These are the descriptions of the camera in the manual:

Reading about the camera online, I’ve found out that it was introduced in 1983 and discontinued in 1989. My dad got his in 1986 and used it for about 5 years. Here are some pictures taken by my dad in a trip to Spain in ’91 (the year I was born and the year he got his Canon EOS):

First thing I noticed about them was the sharpness, colors and exposure. They were all taken with a Kodak ISO 100 in Granada, Spain.

Taking the camera in your hands, fist thing you notice it is that the Canon T50 is a VERY heavy camera (only the body of the camera, without the lenses, weights about 1/2 a kilo). Nothing like the Holga. As an overall is a very nice and precise camera, that takes nice shots and that gives you a lot of power to decide how your pictures will torn out.

Here are some pros about the Canon T50:

All of the Holga’s accessories fit on it, so you can have a lot of fun with filters and fisheyes, not to mention it’s regular hotshoe, so you can use any flash you like.

These were taken with Holga’s 120 fisheye in a Lomography CN 800.

These were taken with Holga’s color filters in a Lomography CN 800.
  • The SLR system (Single-Lens Reflex) is very nice. The camera has mirros inside, in a way that you can look through the lens and have a perfect idea of what will be captured.
  • It has a self-timer, that allows you to take self-portraits and pictures in group without needing a long release cable.
  • You can choose the film speed (from ISO 25 to ISO 1600), even when the film has already been loaded, so you can deliberately over or under expose or get the perfect exposure even when its too dark or too bright for your film.
  • You can take continuous shots with it without having to worry about advancing the film.
  • The glass lenses are very nice and take sharp images, giving a lot of contrast.

And here are some cons about the Canon T50:

  • In my opinion the worst about the Canon T50 is that it is a little to automatic for me. The film advances by itself, so it is kind of tricky to get multiple or long exposures. For multiple exposures, you need to press the film rewind button while you’re taking a photo. Something that does not always work and that is hard for people with small hands (like a friend of mine). For the bulb mode, you should use a film with high ISO and set the camera as if you were using a very low ISO film.
  • The heaviness can also be a step back, since it is not easy to carry around when you have a lot of things with you and keeping in your neck with a strap for a long time can be uncomfortable.

I hope this helps someone who uses the Canon T50 and if anyone has this camera, give us your tips and reviews.It would be nice to know I’m not the only one here using this camera!

Here are some other examples:

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  1. hannawantspeace
    hannawantspeace ·

    I use this camera! I love it, except for the heaviness.

  2. amoschopoulou5
    amoschopoulou5 ·

    Hi, I've been thinking about shooting some multiple exposures with this camera- and you briefly mentioned it in your article, I was wondering whether you could tell me in a bit more detail how to actually do it? Thanks!!!

  3. gorableme
    gorableme ·

    @amoschopoulou5... It is not very easy to take multiple exposures with this camera, and it does not always work. What you have to do is press the film rewind button while you press the shutter. If you do it so with the camera opened and without film, you'll see that the film would be loose (if it was there), in a way that the mechanism will work but it wont chance frames, since the film won't progress.
    You should try doing it sometimes with the camera opened, so you can see the difference when you press the shutter pressing or releasing the rewind button.
    I hope this is helpful!

  4. amoschopoulou5
    amoschopoulou5 ·

    Thank you! I'm going out tomorrow and will try to do that!! :D I'll cross my fingers :) Thankss, you're the only person on the net I could find that spoke about double exposure for this camera :)

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