Bare: My Beloved Fed 2


All fans of russian rangefinder cameras known the legendary Fed 2, but this one has something special! Why? Read this article!

My beloved Fed 2

This is one of my beloved Fed 2 cameras. I have three of these, with slight differences between them. This one has an engraved name “Fed 2” in latin characters, the other two in russian characters. But this in not the reason that prompted me to write this article.

As you can see, on the top of the camera there is an engraving in Russian language. I can translate this approximately as “To my dear wife for her birthday”. When I bought this camera on ebay, I was not 100% satisfied due to this writing. But, after I received this camera, I thought: “This is something special, I must take great care of this camera to honor the memory of the unkown woman and photographer who used it before me”!

The camera was “lost”. It was from a woman photographer who preserved it with great care and I found it on ebay! For this reason, I take extreme care of this camera.

“Bare feet” time or “Bare Fed 2” time?

The camera arrived in excellent condition and was recently cleaned and lubrificated. The curtains are in excellent status after 50 years and more, and the times are accurate! The lens is a classic, an Industar 26M, great for b/w and color. The contrast is quite equal, not excessive, and the colors are well balanced. The lens has a “red P” (in russian character) engraved, and this means that this is a multicoated version. The movements are smooth, the viewfinder is clear, the advance knob works well. This is a great camera for street photography!

Is the water still warm?

When I go on my annual bicycle touring, I have two preferred cameras: my Lomo LC-A for color photography and a Fed 2 (not this one, this is special and requires maximum care!) for black and white photography.

Summertime on a Swiss lake

This camera is lighter than my other “Russian Leica” cameras (Zorki 4, 4k and Fed 5), and the focusing is very accurate due to the long base of the rangefinder (very similar to Zorki 5 and 6 rangefinder). The absence of slow times below 1/30s allows you to change the time before or after cocking the shutter (this is impossible with my Zorki 4 or Fed 5). The camera is similar (almost identical) to the Zorki 5 and Zorki 6, but these cameras are slighty heavier than Fed 2. On the contrary, the Zorki 5 and 6 viewfinder is more brighter in comparison to the Fed 2. The shutter is quiet, like an old Leica camera! Great great for taking photos indoors, as in a theatre or in a church!

I know nothing about the woman who owned this camera before me. Maybe she is alive, maybe not. But this camera is still working in memory of her!


  • quiet shutter
  • handmade with care
  • large rangefinder base
  • reliable
  • lack of slow times; allows you to change the times before or after cocking the shutter
  • lighter than other Russian rangefinders


  • viewfinder is less bright than a Zorki 4, 5 and 6

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    The images could cut your eyes, so sharp..

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  4. alex34
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    Excellent article and galleries.

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    Very nice article and amazing images.

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    nice story

  7. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful story, beautiful treasure!! And excellent gallery!! I have a slightly older FED2 that's dark blue. I think these, along with Zorki 6's, are possibly the most reliable of Soviet cameras.

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