Endless Panorama with Diana F+


Some sights are best enjoyed when captured with a full panoramic perspective - and the Diana just has that capability to stretch those locations to the far ends of the world!

Diana F+ & the Sweeping Panorama

It’s hip to be square, yes. But what if you want to go way past the confinements of a square? After all, some sights are best enjoyed when captured with a full panoramic perspective. With our beloved medium-format Diana F+, sweeping panoramic images are effortlessly possible!

The lowdown on Diana F+ panoramas –picture your lo-fi squares continuously placed right next to each other –to make one extensive image. This is especially fantastic when you want to shoot horizon sunsets, skylines, and street scenes.

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Panoramas Easy as 1,2,3

You can create an endless panoramic image by using the small image format, which is made possible by inserting the (4.2×4.2) plastic mask into your Diana F+. Change your Diana F+ to the small format by switching it on the back to shoot 16 photos. This will make an unlimited panoramic image by placing sequential frames next to each other. But if you’re feeling a little more daring and creative, try this cool trick courtesy of our modification expert, Mandi! Called the Diana F+ Spinshot Mod, this tip allows you to create super-panoramas up to 360 degrees!

What you need:

  • Diana F+
  • the (4.2×4.2) plastic mask included in your Diana F+ package
  • some tools: screwdrivers, Stanley knife (or blade)
  • empty 35mm film container (transparent if possible)
  • cardboard or other thin and stiff material which you can cut
  • probably a scanner that is able to scan medium format negatives
  • Tripod (optional)

Read the full step-by-step here

The Diana Clone Panoramics

We present to you a wide array of choices to suit your Diana F+ tastes. From limited-edition specials to online exclusives, these plastic beauties will guarantee a dreamy panoramic experience that’ll make your analogue hearts throb!

Diana F+ Glow – Buy it now
Diana F+ Snowcat – Buy it now
Diana F+ Mr. Pink – Buy it now

Fantastic Panoramic Products

Specially picked cameras and accessories for more panoramic adventures!

1. Lubitel+ – This classic twin-lensed prince is enhanced with the special panoramic feature!

2. Diana 35mm Back+ –Offers fun options to shoot panoramic images – standard or sprockets.

3. Horizon Kompakt – The professional’s choice for sharp panoramic images!

4. Cable release – Keeps your night time and long-exposure shots steady.

5. Tripod – Your sturdy ally for spectacular, shake-free shots!

Diana F+ Endless Panorama Galleries

We put on a Diana F+ Endless Panorama rumble and we are pleased to announce the winners:
hhjm, mephisto19, sadmafioso, takezzo. They will all be receiving 5 Pano Piggies! You can find their fantastic photos in the Endless Panorama gallery on the Diana Microsite.

Browse: Diana F+ Endless Panorama gallery in Photos
See submissions: Diana F+ Endless Panorama Rumble

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    This is all so cool !!!

  2. rater
    rater ·

    I like endless panoramas!!

  3. ztr_norge
    ztr_norge ·

    Ok - sad question. In the excitement of receiving my Diana F+ for Christmas last year, I lost my little panorama mask. Do you sell replacement parts??

  4. bonniebeegu
    bonniebeegu ·

    I will try this!!

  5. missjennypenny
    missjennypenny ·

    I love the endless panoramas you can do with the diana, Ive tried a few of my own. They're great because there are always little imperfections that make the panoramics really special :)

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