Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Johor #1: kamalfaiz91


This month we are going to featured on some of our most active community members in Johor, Malaysia! Today, let's check out what's happening in Johor together with kamalfaiz91!

Photo by kamalfaiz91

Name: Kamal Faiz Bin Md Kamaludin
Occupation: Student
City/Country: Johor Bahru, Johor
LomoHome: kamalfaiz91
LomoAge: 5 years.

Hello, tell us a bit about yourselves and your Lomographic journey.
Hello, my name is Kamal Faiz Kamaludin, but mostly everyone calls me Kamal. I’ll be 21 years old this year. Currently, I’m studying on quantity surveying at UiTM Shah Alam. In 2007, I was introduced to Lomography by a friend from school. Since then, I fell in love with it and kept on experimenting and studied about lomography.

Show us your favorite photo in your collection and why?
Why? Because there’s an eye contact between me and the animal. Please save the animal from irresponsible parties.

Photo by kamalfaiz91

Are you part of any local community and since when you have been actively join this community?
I am part of Analogue Freak community and came across the group since I met the founder, Mr. Shahrul Nazree around 2009 from a local forum called They are well known as Lomonatics last time before their name was changed to Analogue Freak.

Did you join any outings / workshops / event organize by this community?
Yes, I have. I joined their outings to International Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang and also around Johor Bahru City. Besides that, they are also organized few event such as The Cotton Project and Gego 2011.

Wow, sounds fun! Tell us what the best part shooting with a bunch of Lomography enthusiast?
The best part is when you could talk all day long with them talking about lomography, and share new things with each other.

And the worst?
I think being poisoned by friends are the worst when outing with them. Yeah, I could be kinda jealous if they have new cool stuffs. Haha.

Are you born Johorian and which part of Johor do you stay?
I am a pure Johorian and I live at Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Tell us what do you love the most about Johor?
What I love the most about Johor are the food and culture.

What is the food you love the most in Johor?
I love to eat Laksa Johor, Kacang Pool, and drink Bandung Soda and Air Kathira.

Where would you bring your friend to go when they visit you at Johor?
Sultan Ibrahim Building at Bukit Timbalan, Iskandar Complex, Puteri Harbour, Danga Bay, JB Bazaar (a place of pre-loved items), Kota Tinggi Waterfall, Kukup sunrise scenery, Legoland (open end of 2012), Kluang Railway, Tanjung Piai (the most southern point of mainland Eurasia), Desaru. Oh My God. Too many to list up. Haha.

Where do you develop your film at Johor? Do you have any other recommendation and what is the price and any other specific notes?
Usually me and my friends often to develop our films at Kedai Gambar Fali located at Taman Sri Skudai. Other than that, we’ll also send to Kedai Foto Robin at Taman Sentosa which placed in front of the famous JB’s Bubur Nasi.

Thanks for your time and recommendation! Before we wrapped things up, do you mind to let us know which is your favorite Lomography gadget and why?
The legendary LC-A. Easy to operate, delicious f2.8, and low profile.

Don’t forget to check out Kamal’s awesome work at his flickr page and more Johor community movement at Analogue Freak!

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    hxloon ·

    Yeah! Lovely photo of the sea turtle : )

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    Nice shot of the turtle!

  3. kamalfaiz91
    kamalfaiz91 ·

    thanx guys :)

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