LomoLiterature on Love: Mimi and Diana Vignettes

Once I had my Diana F+, I read the Diana Book and fell in love with the Diana Vignettes (short tales about everything+Diana) and, although there is not a specific place to put my own, I decided to write my Love Diana Vignette and post it here.

Mimi couldn’t fall asleep so he wrote. He wrote about his girl, the girl that lied in the bed he just left. The girl that he loves, the most part of the week, at least. The girl that gave him that stupid surname (he never understood her ridicolous choice, but he accepted it because he’s an easy boy). The girl who gave him the Diana, that nice nifty camera, as a gift. He looked at it. The Diana was resting on the table, reminding him of all the good times they had together, taking photos that made him feel at one time so melancholic and full of joy.

Lisa, the girl who lied in the bed in that moment.

Mimi wanted her to wake up, feeling his absence during the sleep, but she wasn’t coming, the door remaining closed. He was writing about her, about how they met each other, the last summer, because Mimi is one of those guys who think that putting something on paper makes it easier to remember, and to understand, despite the passing of time. He knows deep inside that by writing the story of your life that you get to keep the feelings you lived inside you. But he is terrified of losing some details of the scenes of his life that he loved more, so he write what he did, and what he thinks about.

This time was the turn of some doubts about this relationship: he was not so bright to catch a girl like Lisa with his own skills. She – we’ll never know why – liked Mimi, enough to make the first step although he didn’t deserve it because of his total lack of smartness, the night of that party out in the city street. Maybe she saw the kind part of him, and his interesting sides (oh yes, he had two or three at least). So the story began: she was so cute, and he always tried to prove her that he was the right guy, that he was mature enough. Maybe she loved him being so ingenuous, so innocent toward life. But he knew he was ingenuous, and he knew he didn’t want to look attractive to someone thanks to this part of him, too. He wanted a girl who would feel protected when he hugs her.

Then, one day, she gave him the Diana. He was so happy with that gift, and he was even surprised, not knowing what he had in his hands, wondering why she thought of giving him this camera.
There’s no need to say, it was love at first sight. He started taking picture of anything, and everything seemed to be so important, with this camera taking a picture of it.

But there was a thing: he noticed that each time he looked at one of those photos, the photo made him feel so inevitably lonely, like the world was completely deserted in the instant of taking that shot.

This is what he was writing. And then Mimi realized: that was the strange ‘object’ (the name of the Diana in those early days in which he didn’t know even what a camera looks like) that a girl he knew in the past used to carry with her anytime. The other girl, the girl who was not Lisa. The girl he left to lie in his heart a long time ago, because she was the girl that he managed to become a friend of, thinking that in the future he would have done the first step, because she was worth this bending of his ‘rules’. She was continuously taking pictures with that camera (maybe even lots of portraits of him that he hadn’t seen), and passing days with Mimi. The time passed, and they talked about everything, and she was so splendid, so bright, he thought, until the day she stopped seeing him, the day she disappeared, he never knew why.

He jumped to his feet from the sofa and walked on tiptoe, in search of some pictures he took with his Diana. What would the other girl think about these shots? Maybe his photos wouldn’t make him feel so restless, so lonely, with that girl by his side.

He looked at the door one more time, thinking why Lisa was sleeping so easily when he was not. He thought that he really loved Lisa, and he knew Lisa loved him, after all, in her own way. But she didn’t love Mimi enough, and neither did him.

He closed his agenda, he took his Diana, wore his jacket, put some stuff in the backpack, and opened the door—just that little bit that he needed to look at the girl in the bed. How could Lisa be so beautiful? He smiled… while he was leaving the house, Mimi promised to himself that he would never ever accept a compromise in his life.

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