UK CitySlicker Jenny Winstone: The People's Republic of Mancunia


I could talk all day about the many wonders that Manchester has to offer. I came in 2002 to study Media at Salford University. I worked in TV as a Researcher for a few years and decided to opt out and now work full time with the homeless. I also do the odd evening in a youth club in Salford and I try to make creative elements fit into both my roles and will use any excuse to get my cameras out!

I’m a vegetarian and I have two Cavalier King Charles Puppies called Lola and Trudy and a handsome prince who happens to be a true Mancunian! I love Music and Art and spend my time going to gigs, taking pictures, and then recovering by falling asleep with either Gardeners World or the Antiques Roadshow on the telly.

That’s enough about me, let me introduce you to our city!

Manchester is a vibrant city and its musical heritage has paved the way for many new acts that are gracing the stages of the city’s numerous musical establishments. The Manchester Apollo has to be my favourite venue in the City. The floor slopes towards the stage offering great views and I can say some of my best musical experiences have taken place there. Other great venues to check out in the city are Night n Day Café, The Roadhouse, Ruby Lounge, Band on the Wall – the list could go on and on!

Manchester has pockets of creativity all over the city. One area that is always worth a browse is the Northern Quarter. This area is home to many cafés, independent galleries, vintage clothes shops and quirky boozers. I love nothing more on pay day than to nosey around, meet regular faces, eat good food, talk creative drivel and naturally wash all this down with numerous JD and Cokes… and even the odd Mojito!

My top picks for the Northern Quarter are Manchester Craft Centre, Afflecks Palace, Richard Goodall Gallery, Odd Bar, Common, The Castle, and of course last but not least LOMOGRAPHY GALLERY STORE MANCHESTER!

For those of you who love the great outdoors there are many places to take in picturesque views, be amongst the birds and bees and even hug a few trees if you fancy. On the doorstep is Dunham Massey which boasts Britain’s largest winter garden. I also love a trip up Tandle Hill in Oldham which offers great views across Greater Manchester and the walk to the top through the woods is beautiful all year round.

Over the coming months I will be bringing you reviews and interviews from local club nights and exhibitions and will be offering you my tips for the City in more detail. I’m always up for geeky meets and as a newbie to Lomo I’ve had a warm welcome from fellow members from all over the world and particularly the Northwest!

Over and out for now people, big love and Lomo on! x

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  1. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I didn't realise you were the cityslicker Jenny, fantastic!! how did your photos from the meet up turn out? Love your pups!

  2. jared
    jared ·

    If your based in the Northwest, this should be of interest.…

  3. jennysparkle
    jennysparkle ·

    Hey Lady! Yes thought I would give it a go! It's been good setting myself tasks, gives me some direction to the pictures I'm taking. I believe it's booze time soon! Got a couple of new cameras to play with, a Canon AE1 and a film Eos/ What have you been up to? x

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