A Fun Afternoon in Lotte World, Seoul


We spent a fun afternoon in the largest indoor theme park in the world. This amusement park is called "Lotte World". The recreation complex also has an outdoor part called "Magic Island".

Credits: deprofundis

On one of the coldest days we stayed in Seoul, we decided to visit this amusement park that is a perfect place for spending an afternoon indoors! First of all, we got on a fake balloon that goes around the whole fairground. You can see the rest of the attractions from above.

Credits: deprofundis

There are a lot of shows full of colors and music that are perfect for children, they really were fascinated.

Credits: deprofundis

In spite of the cold, we went outdoors to visit “Magic Island”, where the bigger attractions were located. First, we both went on the “Bungee Drop”, where you fall from a height of 38 meters. It was only a little test before trying the “Gyro Drop” where you feel the free fall from 70 meters for only two seconds. It was really amazing!

Credits: deprofundis

Finally, we returned inside to have a hot chocolate to recover from the cold and fright.

Credits: deprofundis

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