Lubitel Lovin' on 35mm


Here's an alternative for when you ran out of 120 film to use!

Stuffing your Lubitel with 35mm in DIY seems like a lucrative task but not really. You just need to get yourself some rubber bands and Sellotape and follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Wrap around the elastic band at both ends of the 120 spool to keep the film intact (avoiding it to slant). Ummm, the photo shows two hair ties instead of elastic bands, there wasn’t any thick elastic bands laying around my area.
  • Tape up the 35mm film leader onto the 120 spool, nice and easy
  • Notice the film flap of the Lubitel 166B, the purpose of it is to keep a 120 film intact. Place the 35mm film on the flapper. That flap will keep the 35mm film in place and stable, no need for sponges or anything else!

This modification will work on similar Lubitel models, we all know that the Lubitel 166+ doesn’t need this, but hey if you got a the time and patience, then there’s no harm on doing this. In fact it’s fun! Now go out there and take some sprocket shots and spread the analogue love!

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  1. dogma
    dogma ·

    Great tip! I use it all the time! I would add one more note on this tip: how much you have to turn a advance lever, to have not overlapped pictures and to not waist the film.
    It goes like this:
    after inserting a film you have to turn 100 clicks. After first shot 50 clicks, second shot 49 clicks, third shot 48 clicks and so on till you will finish the film

  2. matt0791
    matt0791 ·

    that many clicks?? is that relevant to the lubitel? because i need significantly less with my holga?

  3. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Yeah!!! Good old Lubitel 166b! I've been thinking to do this for months! Thanks for reminding me. :) Really cool shots! I'm sad my lab won't do sprocket holes…

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Perfect tip and explanations ! Makes me wanna have a Lubitel... @dogma and @matt0791 : You could take measurements ...8D... like in here @…

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    @sibu_sen : What do you mean by "my lab wont do sprocket holes" ?

  6. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    thanks guys! i actually forgot to mention one more thing, cover up the red circle/frame indicator with black tape.hehe

  7. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    @dogma: thanks for that extra tip, because i always just do a guestimation.hehe

  8. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    @ stouf: they told me they couldn't scan them in with holes, or do the contact sheet. I bet they're lying and just being lazy!

  9. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    some labs don't really have people who knows how to scan with sprockets.. it's always that old guy behind who's the tech guy.

  10. holgafot
    holgafot ·

    I give the lab instructions to "develop only do not cut" and scan them on my own scanner. I have noticed that the holes do throw things off quite a bit in the density and color areas even when exposure is set manually. I have to do a bit of playing with the scan in photoshop (elements 5.0) to get anything approaching normal. Does anyone have a solution to that?
    When I scan 120 from the same camera it yields nearly perfect results.

  11. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    nice tips. makes me feel more confident to buy this. hahaha.
    but why all the pic is blurry?

  12. jenniotoole
    jenniotoole ·

    After the film has finished how do you protect it with a lubitel 166 without a rewinder?

  13. snapper44
    snapper44 ·

    I heard you only have to rotate the advance wheel only one and a half turns per shot is this correct?


  14. johnheams
    johnheams ·

    i just managed to pick up a Lubitel 166B i cant wait to try this out!

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