Tai O: Romance through Negatives and Slides

Not only does Tai O possess beautiful scenery, it also has a unique attitude to life. It is a place to lay back, enjoy life, and do some people watching. Hong Kong is not a dead town, view Tai O from two different colorful perspectives!

Credits: li-man

Walking into the bazaar, there are many touristy shops, but I am here for the locals. The roads of the bazaar are well connected and lead me to the locals’ homes.

Credits: li-man

Although fishing barely provides a sustainable income, many residents insist on continuing with this sunset industry.

Credits: li-man

This is their romanticized lifestyle.

Slides give me a nostalgic feel whereas negatives provide me with human emotions.

Lovers, parents and children, hand in hand.

Although it is a holiday, it is not particularly crowded. As long as one pays attention to the surroundings, one would notice love’s existence.

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