The LomoAmigo Couple : Nishi and Sahil Karkhanis


Lomography is art, Lomography is love. And what could be more exciting than introducing you all to two lovers, who love each other and love film! This month we have the Lomo Amigo as a couple,

Nishi and Sahil, tell us a little about yourself.
We’re two nomads at heart, currently living and working out of Bangalore. Though we’re both designers professionally, we’re also two very different people with often divergent interests and approaches to visual art and that reflects in our work as well. We’re both extremely opinionated people and every creative collaboration we’ve done together has involved a lot of passionate argument and heated debate. But we also have tons of fun and seem to bring out the best in each other.

What interests you in design and how did you get into it?
Both of us started our journeys from different points of the compass and have followed different paths to get here.

Nishi: For me, art has been the big creative outlet for as long as I can remember. It allows me to distill a part of me into the work that I do. Having gone through five years of Architecture, studying to be an industrial designer seemed to be a short step from where I already was. I will, however, always be an artist first and everything else a distant second. Satisfying my creative ego has always been more important to me than making sense or being right.
Sahil: I see design as an effort to forge order out of chaos. That was my billboard- what got me into design. Something that would help me make sense of the world around me and right all the wrongs. I studied to be an engineer and even briefly flirted with working as one. Thank god that didn’t go anywhere for very long. Studying design happened by serendipity but I knew right away it was what I’d been looking for all along.

What else do you do other than design?
Laugh and cry, dig our noses and fart through our faces. But seriously, there’s design in practically everything we do, whether it’s writing, painting, photography or sculpture. We obsess about whether our furniture aligns with the floor tiles or not. We can’t even go through a movie without wondering if we would’ve framed a shot differently or could’ve made the colours work better with each other! We’re crazy, that way. So, the simple answer to your question would be- not much.

What is it that excited you about Lomography?
It’s so liberating, it’s crazy! Think about it. You’re making pictures using a two-bit plastic box with a one-bit plastic lens on the front of it. When there’s so little you can do with the box is when you start doing wonderful things with what’s in the box and in your head.

You recently got married, tell us about your love story
Sahil: We met at the School of Planning & Architecture in New Delhi, where I occasionally turned up to teach and she occasionally turned up to learn.
Nishi: We were always picking fights with each other because he didn’t think I could learn and I didn’t think he could teach much. It wasn’t love at first sight. That took a while coming, like most good things do. We’ve been together three years now, and got married last month.

And you chose to shoot a lot of your wedding with Lomography cameras. How was that?
Not a lot, really. Between the two of us we did manage to get a few frames in. But you know how it is with Indian weddings, the bride and groom don’t really have time for much beyond getting married. The La Sardina is a fantastically simple camera to operate, though. So we had cousins, mums and friends pitching in on photographer duty. It was fun all around.

Do you have a specific idea in mind when you shoot or do you create it as per the project?
It varies. Sometimes there’s an idea powerful enough to make us want to take our cameras out and shoot. And other times, a bunch of spontaneous and random shooting results in a delightful surprise that we want to share with the community.

Any tips for Lomographers out there?
Be interesting, or be invisible.

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