Spotted: Analogue Cameras in By2's 'Isn't It' Video

By2 is a Singaporean girl group composed of musical twin sisters and, in their recent music video debut, they are spotted using several analogue cameras. Check out "Isn't It" now! Can you tell what kinds of cameras those are?

By2 is a duo from Singapore composed of twins Miko Bai Wei-Fen (白緯芬) and Yumi Bai Wei-Ling (白緯玲).

Here’s the video for “Isn’t It” where you’ll find a bevy of analogue cameras!

Cameras spotted were Movska 5, TLR, Rangefinders, and more. Can you identify them all?

written by cutebun on 2012-03-26 in #news #mv #retro #film #taiwan #camera #celebrity #music-video #singapore #malaysia #analogue

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