A Stroll through Meiji Jingu, Japan

When I went to Tokyo this winter, I had the pleasure of going to Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine). The place is so magnificent and huge, and you can easily spend a couple of hours just walking around and taking it all in, even if it meant braving the winter cold.

I visited Japan for the first time last month, but only had a few days to explore Tokyo. So one of the places I visited was Meiji Jingu, which was a short train ride from where I was staying. It’s interesting to come from a busy city, and then a few steps away, you’re in this tranquil shrine area (which is basically like a huge park/forest), and everything is so calm and peaceful.

Not long after entering the towering gates of Meiji Jingu, I found dozens of exquisite ice sculptures along the pathway. I was also lucky enough to catch a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony that was being held at the shrine. It’s fascinating to witness the customs and ways of a different culture, and see how respectful they are of their beliefs. I would definitely recommend visiting Meiji Jingu the next time you’re in Tokyo, and want to experience a tranquil side of Japan.

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