Cannes Film Festival 2009


At this years Cannes Film Festival a new celebrity walked on the red carpet! Accompanied by the Magali Aubert, editor of the "Standard Magazine" in France was the new Diana Instant Back!

At this year’s film festival in Cannes we saw a special celebrity walk the red carpet – the Diana Instant Back accompanied by Magali Aubert, the Editor in Chief of the renowned Standard magazine published in France. Read on an you might catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two :)

The Palais des festivals day one. Those two men were just about to lay the red carpet, a few hours before the first “mont des marches” of the 62nd edition.

Everything is settled up but seems rushed (during which “Accde derni minute” is so useful) has not begun yet.

OK, things are about to start here. We can see the stepladders are being unlocked from the barrier (it was chained the whole night) and its owners that resigned themselves to fate, ready to burn under the sun for hours, trying to catch hold of the cinema stars.

Miss Marion, one of the Lomography’s ambassadors, was caught on the Chacha beach the day after her show for the Pedro Almodovar’s party, hosted by Rossy de Palma.

Pauline member of the tour La Grande Bizarre (performing in Paris every month at Moune), is seen here in Cannes for three nights of smart show at Le Baron in Hotel 3.14 just after a crowned dive in the swimming pool.

Brian, one of the dancer of Dita von Teese tour, blowing in a rubber ring that he never take off. We won’t know if it was necessary for the swimming or for his summer look.

Leader of the Baron’s team, Chichi’s training to race La Grande Bizarre’s team.

The game : paddle standing on the board. Scoreboard : 12 people that fell in and laughed.

Olivier Mulin, fashion editor of Standard magazine posing for the camera before breakfast.

The gentleman Tomer Sisley – Largo Winch getting a car to drive the 0.05 Mile just like the least official star to get to the “tapis rouge” from the hotel Majestic.

This image is a forbidden one. During the ceremonial upstairs, we’re not allowed to take pictures from where I was (the press terrace in fact), the right wing is reserved to photographers at the foot of the stairs. As I was not really a concurrent : there’s no zoom with my Diana’s lens, therefore I entitled myself to shoot very quickly.

Bertrand Bonello the French director that aroused controversy with his first film Le Pornographe, starring Jean-Pierre Ld and causing a scandal in 1998. Now here as a member of the jury for the the off-festival screening of “La Quinzaine des risateurs”, where he presented last year at the memorable De la guerre with Asia Argento.

The Spanish actress Elsa Pataki dressed in “Maya the Bee” ensemble and seen here without her ex (Cannes gossip!) boyfriend Adrien Brody.

The Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, “den Silbernen Bn” of Berlin festival in 2000 for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee.

I climbed the stairs for Enter the void, Gaspar Noe’s new film (Irreversible) but cameras are prohibited beyond the barrier, so there’s no testimony of my ascent.

Michael Haneke, the winner of the Palme d’or an hour before he gets his prize (his wife actually cried on her seat upon the announcement). Everybody there knew he was a friend of the president of the jury Isabelle Huppert (since her part in La Pianiste Grand Prix du jury in Cannes 2001) and was sure he will get the award as she did…

The Jimmy’z : the club where famous people shake themselves all night long, the one where you need to get a card for if you don’t know the password for the Baron. But sorry for the parties, it was my first experience with Lomography and for the moment I’m a dead loss with pictures in the dark ! Magali is a name from the south of France, this is maybe the reason why I’m gifted photographer under the sun and not under the moon.

Read more from Magali here:

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    This is so cool !!! Congrats !

  2. rater
    rater ·

    mmmm, Elsa Pataki...

  3. thaiseb
    thaiseb ·

    It's very nice to see this festival through lomography camera.

  4. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    wow. I would love to be there one of these days as a big fan of french film....btw. Gaspar Irreversible was very painful to watch, but great film!

  5. jeepeng
    jeepeng ·

    wow, zhang ziyi! love her... :$

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