Apero d'Amour III- AMORE D'ETE


Eveyone is getting ready for the summer. So let's make this Apero a training camp for this year's summer love!

Pictures and bad Poetry at the Lomography Gallery Shop Paris

Eveyone is getting ready for the summer.
So let’s make this Apero a training camp for this year’s summer love!

Think Swedish sunburnt darling, clumsy adorable language students with weird accents, think cheesy summer hits, made in Italy or Spain, think flip flops and unreachable tanned bodies, sand everywhere. I mean everywhere. And most of all think the after summer love letters and goofy teenage poetry.

If you are ashamed, it is damn good.

I am serious. Bring pictures or colour copies or postcards of past summer loves and we will all stick them on the wall and share our tears. Recite your cravings and yearnings for your parted love. Let’s all drown in nostalgia and turn the pain into happiness.

We will be sipping delicious ice cold Calimocho (red wine upgraded with precious coca cola) in wet t-shirts. Adorable Mousseux, too. But Calimocho tends to be my favourite for this occasion.

The best poems will get something for free, something nice. I will update you on that.

My favourite dress code would be this:
You are a teenager on vacation with your parents and they make you wear something silly and formal for the last night on vacation. Something you are just not quite comfortable with. And a pastel coloured jumper on your shoulders.

Ti amo.


written by katja on 2008-05-30 in #events #party #paris #lomowall


  1. jogintas
    jogintas ·


  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    pictures + bad poetry? pastel colored jumpers? oh yes.

  3. severin
    severin ·

    oh man I wish I was in paris and could share my cheesy poetry. it would rule you all out

  4. ullilomo
    ullilomo ·

    Severin, what holds you back from sharing it here?
    Come on- distribute the wealth and depth of your soul with your fellow lomographers
    So in the spirits of precious memories when i was 17 and so smitten with my dear Dante in Jesolo- Un' passegiata al mare...

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