UK CitySlicker Sam: The Turf Tavern, Oxford


"An education in intoxication" - the pest pub in Oxford. Read on to learn more about The Turf Tavern!

Name: Sam Fletcher
Age: 19
University: Trinity College
City/Country: Oxford, UK

When this month’s task came through, to report back on the best pub in Oxford, for me there is no competition – The Turf Tavern wins hands down. This brilliant little pub can be found tucked in beside New and Hertford Colleges; it’s not on the main street but you can find their own website which has a map, but you can get to it by turning left just under the Bridge of Sighs and it is signposted.

With a slogan like “an education in intoxication” you expect good things, and The Turf does not disappoint. It always feels homey and welcoming and the staff are great, it’s the perfect place to calm down after a particularly traumatic tutorial or painful lab, or just somewhere to spend a pleasant evening with good company. They boast about offering 11 cask ales (which we’re gradually working our way through) with your standard bar prices for just about any other drink to can think of.

The food’s second to none but also at prices that won’t rupture your wallet. We went as a group of ten for lunch and it worked out at about £8 each for food and drinks. I had a mountain of fish and chips which were delish, but everybody seemed to want everyone else’s food because it was all fab. And there’s loads of room and a beer garden too.

Plus they do a pub quiz every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm. It’s £1 per person to enter but you can had as many people in your team as you want (within reason), the prize money depends on how many turn up but it’s always been a decent sum. You also get pride and bragging rights, not we’re competitive at all…

See you there!

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  1. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    Oi! Sam! I take it you have only ever been to one pub in Oxford then? The best pub without doubt is The Nelson at Templars Square. The place is full of unemployed, football hooligans, drug dealers, and chavs. Most of the seats have knife slash marks on them, the toilet smells like it hasn't been cleaned in years, and don't get me started on the food! This pub is a lomographers paradise! The characters that come in and go here are all priceless. I dare you to go there........

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    wonderful smiles in the photos!

  3. bertie
    bertie ·

    Haha thank you both, and I'll be sure to visit The Nelson - it sounds epic!

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