Zorki 4 - Staff Review


Outlasting equally remarkable cameras such as the Leica M3 in the 1950's, this Russian classic is the most successful in the Zorki family.

Like most Soviet cameras post-WWII, the first batch of Zorkis were copies of – you guessed it – the prestigious Leica screw-mount cameras. They were created by the KMZ – Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod – a mechanical factory in Moscow. Interestingly, the Zorki is actually a modified version of the FED camera (which was also patterned after the Leica!); KMZ produced some of the FEDs in 1948 to make up for the slow production of the FED factory. The following year they decided to make a redesign and thus, the Zorki was born.

The Zorki-4 emerged in 1954. With its ‘Leica-like’ finish, it retained the best qualities of the previous models – variable flash sync delay, and shutter speeds in one dial. Among those who battled it out when the Zorki 4 came out were Leica M3, Nikon S2, and Canon VT, and even fellow Zorkis (S and 2S models). But the Zorki 4 survived the race, running a successful production of 17 years – making it the most popular among the Zorki family. It has proven its worth as an inexpensive alternative to the Leica. The shutter makes a somewhat distracting ‘Snap’ sound, which can be inconvenient if you’re shooting candidly. But hey, that’s easy to overlook, considering that it uses the ‘Jupiter-8’ lens, which is famous for the high-contrast, color, and sharpness that it yields!

Does the Zorki 4 deserve its popularity title? Send us your own reviews & gallery, or maybe some tips & tricks too! Drop us a line submit-a-camera-review@lomography.com and if we publish your input, a bunch of piggies will be making their way to you.

written by shhquiet on 2008-05-27 in #reviews


  1. nicksholga
    nicksholga ·

    have it, love it. Great camera. It just feels good in your hands.

  2. oz1gyq
    oz1gyq ·

    Zorki 4 is a fantastic camera. I just found one cheap, but not functioning at all. Taking it apart and repairing it was just as fun as shooting with it. Now it is totally renovated, even the shutter curtains have been repaired, and the surface is covered in sexy red lizard skin.. This baby is so hot!
    I had it with me on the beach today with a Fuji Sensia inside, so I really can't wait to see the results.

  3. abcdefuck
    abcdefuck ·

    the first picture is very impressive.

  4. jonnyflex
    jonnyflex ·

    Do the lomo's one has interchangeable lens?

  5. c-murder70
    c-murder70 ·

    great photos. just ordered one and i can't wait to get out there with it

  6. abhoan
    abhoan ·

    What film was used in those BW pictures?

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