Endless Panoramas With the La Sardina

Here I will demonstrate how to do endless panoramas with the La Sardina. It's not as straight-forward as you'd think. More after the break.

La Sardina is a fun camera with lots of possibilities. One of its many interesting features is the MX switch, which resets the shutter without advancing the film so that you can do multiple-exposures. An MX switch usually also gives you the ability to do endless panoramas by resetting the shutter before you have wound the next frame entirely on. An important thing to keep in mind about endless panoramas is that you can probably only take advantage of this technique if you can scan your own film.

Most mini-labs will not be able to scan endless panoramas for you. The usual procedure for endless panoramas is to shoot, advance the film part way, use the MX switch to reset the shutter, then shoot the next overlapping frame in the sequence, but La Sardina doesn’t work that way. If you shoot then reset the shutter to do a multiple-exposure, La Sardina won’t let you advance the film until you release the shutter. If you shoot then start advancing the film, La Sardina won’t let you use the MX switch until you’ve wound the next frame on all the way and fired the shutter. So, how can you do endless panoramas?

Another interesting feature of La Sardina is the ability to rewind the film by any amount at any time. If you wind on to the next frame La Sardina automatically resets the shutter, then you can rewind back half a frame and shoot the next overlapping shot. So, you can do endless panoramas by winding on to the next frame and rewinding back half a frame over and over again. It’s important to remember to shoot in landscape mode from left to right.

Here are the steps:

  1. Plan your shot. Decide how much of the scene you’re going to cover from left to right. Look through the viewfinder and decide how your shots are going to overlap.
  2. Start shooting from left to right in landscape mode. Take your first shot.
  3. Advance one complete frame until La Sardina stops. This will also reset the shutter.
  4. Rewind half a frame or a little more than that.
  5. Make the next shot so that it overlaps the first shot by less than half a frame. Use the viewfinder to line it up.
  6. Advance one full frame again and repeat these steps until you covered your entire shot.

Here are some shots of the locations that I included in the endless panoramas:

Here are a couple of endless panoramas including those same locations:

This is a very interesting feature of La Sardina that will allow you to get some unique shots. Every one of your La Sardina rolls should include at least one endless panorama and at leas one multiple-exposure.

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