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Trustworthy contributor of the online magazine and supervisor of the rubric "Analogue Lifestyle" of the German Lomography magazine -- trashpilotin has made her mark. We are more than thankful for her active support! But she's more than just a writer. As experienced lomographer, trashpilotin's got more to show: she's able to convince bands like Fanta4 of the Spinner 360°... which was quite impressive to us! We want to introduce you to our top lomographer of November, Sonja aka trashpilotin.

NAME: Sonja
CITY: Sontra
LAND: Germany
LOMOHOME: trashpilotin

Credits: trashpilotin

Tell the community a little bit about yourself.
I’m an editor and write for several magazines and newspapers. I also run an online magazine about music with some friends. Photography, travelling and music are my greatest passions and I love to combine them!

Why did you choose ‘trashpilotin’ as your nickname?
I was looking for a suitable pseudonym for the online world some years ago and I came up with ‘trashpilotin’. I borrowed the name from the song “Trashpilotn” by Sportfreunde Stiller. It was one of the first songs that I really liked. The name is quite suitable for me (even though it’s not wise, to register for a car sharing agency — I’m still driving my car ;) )

What got you started in Lomography/Analogue Photography? And when did you start?
I received my first ActionSampler in 2002, which I liked a lot. In the following years I learned shooting digital, but never forgot about the analogue cameras. Especially because my uncle had a Lomo LC-A. When I saw the Diana Mini in autumn 2009, I just had to have her! Since then I’m totally into Lomography and almost only shoot analogue privately.

How would you describe your shooting style? Are you a classic snapshooter or open to everything?
I usually have a camera in my pocket, usually the LC-A and I try to capture moments, that are special to me. My feet in the snow or spending quality time with my friends. Basically I’m open to everything, but I should experiment more often. I avoid double exposure fearing I might ruin a great picture.

If you had to choose one picture from 2011, which one would you pick?

Credits: trashpilotin

That’s hard, but maybe I’d pick the double exposure of me and the lights of the “Spielbudenplatz” in Hamburg. I strolled around the Reeperbahn with a friend Saturday night and we photographed signs and lights. Next day we met again and made a second exposure at daylight. It got pretty cold, so we decided to make some portraits at home, but anyway the whole series turned out pretty. Also this is the first picture of me that was exhibited.

We’d like you to put together a photo selection, which is representative for 2011. And we’d also like to have a soundtrack to that selection.

Credits: trashpilotin

Bert-ill meets Tobias Kuhn – The Train
Casper – XOXO
Jupiter Jones – Sonne? Scheint!
Frank Turner – I still belive
Beatsteaks – Under a clear blue sky
Discostress – Welt 1 2
Bosse – Metropole
City & Colour – We found each other in the dark
Teitur – You never leave LA
Boy – This is the Beginning

Your personal favorite choice on combining film and camera?
Currently the Horizon Perfekt is my favorite camera, next would be the LC-A, which is my “all time favorite”. I haven’t found the perfect film-camera-match for the Horizon yet, but I like the Lomography Chrome and the Fuji Sensia with the LC-A best.

If you could have any kind of Lomography product, what would you choose?
Right now I’m prefectly happy, but sooner or later, I’ll order a Lubitel due to the great photographs I see in the community. And I’d like to try out color-infrared-film very soon!

Can you also share with us your strangest, funniest, or best Lomographic experience?
You always experience great things, especially when you having your Spinner 360° Kamera with you. This spring I was in Norway with the AIDA ship and when I was on deck with a couple of digital photographers, which generally think they’re the cat’s whiskers and normally they’d not even talk to you… And when I made photos with the Spinner 360°, everybody was totally stunned and wondered, what this is… When I answered, they just replied “oh, analogue… all right”. I laughed and walked away.

Any Lomographic New Year’s resolutions for 2012?
I want to experiment more and do more double projects. Also a friend inspired me to exhibit photographs. I’d really enjoy that.

What can you say to people who want to try Lomography. Any tips?
Ist not about shooting the perfekt picture for others, but capturing the perfect moment for you!

Editor’s note: Find out more about the fantastic meeting of Fanta4 and the Lomography Spinner 360°: Die Fantastischen Vier in 360°

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  1. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    Woooooo! Congrats dear Sonja! @trashpilotin
    i am a big fan of you !!!

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