Klaus Kinski Attacking Werner Herzog With a Machete


There's a list of people I always search for on Youtube in case I am bored: Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski are both among them. I am not sure if this photo was staged or not, but as they both admitted they tried to murder each other several times it might as well be real.

Apart from the great movies by Werner Herzog (be it fiction or documentary) and Klaus Kinski here are some videos you should check out: Werner Herzog on the Henry Rollins show talking about getting shot at during an interview(…) this was not a serious bullet, this is part of the folklore out here (…) I have been shot at with much more serious bullets before – , Klaus Kinski throwing a fit on set (from the movie My Best Fiend) – according to Herzog’s voice-over this was not as bad as it sounds – and Klaus Kinski on a German late night talk show.

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  1. graefin
    graefin ·

    The best one is the German Talkshow! It's a real classic :)

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