Lomography Proudly Presents - The Diana World Tour – Spain - El Toro Edition


The Diana World tour Arrives in Spain, and with it we have a new Diana Clone, a number of new Diana designs and a whole lot of activities.

Hola, Diana!

After successful visits to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Portugal our medium-format darling Diana conquers Spain – the land of flamenco, chorizo, and the el toro – the bullfighting tradition in which the torero attempts to distract and infuriate the ferocious bull. In line with Diana’s Spanish invasion, we introduce you to the other side of the Diana that you’ve never seen before – aggressive, brave, and risky – the Diana+ El Toro Edition! Plus find out all the treats in store for those lucky enough to make it to Barcelona or Madrid this May, as the Diana World Tour adds to the buzz of these amazing cities.

Diana F+ El Toro Edition

Representing virility and power, the strong-horned bull has become the (unofficial) national symbol in Spain. We’re launching the Diana+ El Toro edition to kick off the Diana World Tour in Spain! This special edition camera features the word “acojonante” on the film advance wheel, which is a Spanish expression meaning “this is fantastic!”

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The Diana World Tour Spain

The Diana World Tour and formidable Detrich Diana Collection all set to roll over from Portugal to Spain! In both Madrid and Barcelona a very special exhibition will showcase Diana photos from Spanish Lomographers and specially invited Spanish artists: rock bands, flamenco singers, photographers, fashion designers, street artists, film-makers and even football players! All these guests have customized their Diana – so you’re in for a unique treat!

Madrid 7th – 22nd May 2009
Exhibition & party: 7th May at Lomography Store Argensola/Madrid
Night tour: 8th May
Day tour: 9th May

Barcelona 28th of May -12th June 2009
Exhibition & party: 28th May at Lomography Store Barcelona
Night tour: 29th May
Day Tour: 30th May

See the microsite

Read about the participating artists in the Magazine

Find out more in Spanish here

The Diana World Tour Edition Family

The Diana+ is our faithful reproduction of the ‘60s classic Diana camera. Our version hosts a bevy of wonderful features – options to use 35mm film (with the Diana 35mm Back) and the ability to take panoramic and pinhole images! It’s also designed for use with our exciting line of Diana+ lenses and accessories – you’ll never run out of creative possibilities!

Here we present to you our Diana+ Special Edition cameras commemorating some of the previous world tour stops:

Diana+ Snowcat Edition
This sassy comic cat was designed by renowned Korean illustrator SnowCat.
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Diana+ Tokyo Rising
Designed to mark the Diana World Tour Japanese stop
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Diana+ Hong Meow
Commemorating the Diana World Tour event in Hong Kong.
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Hail the Analouge Matador!

Let’s heat up the excitement, señoras y señores! We are looking for strong Diana+ images that represent the fiery, powerful, passionate, wild, and animalistic appeal of the bull and the intensity of the color red! Upload your images to the blog and the top 5 winners will be getting 5 aggressive Piggies for their dangerous efforts! Hasta la vista!

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Make your own Lomo Logo!

We’ve been creating Logos for all the Lomography Gallery Stores and now we invite you to create one of your own for our Logo competition! All you have to do to enter is download the logo, customize it, scan and upload to the post linked below! The best design will receive a Diana Deluxe Kit, which includes every single Diana accessory, shipped right to your door!

There’s a second way to be a winner! If you feel like getting a 10% discount on your next Lomography purchase, all you need to do is to bring your customized logo to the nearest Lomography Gallery Store.

Download the logos and read more about the project here

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    I feel like I'm spanish! I am, anyway. I love El Toro as it's the greatest icon in Spain. And I will love Diana El Toro Edition! And I love the Diana watergun! I't the niciest weapon I've ever seen!

  2. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    It's pretty cool but don't you think it's just like the Snowcat edition given a new skin? At least the Tokyo Rising edition is unique. Design team ... taking a shortcut? :P Hmm ... should I kill my piggies for this?

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    awesome stuff

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