Final Destination: Sprocket in the Pocket!

There is much on offer with the Lomography travel promotion!

Awaken the Traveler with Lomography this Spring

Drop by the Lomography Gallery Stores from April 6th to May 1st and feel reinvigorated with the spirit of travel in this sun-happy Spring season! Come by our stores and spike up your spring flings with our series of workshops, special offers, freebies, rumbles and exclusive in-store events! Prepare those feet for our “Tourist in Your Hometown” rumble and or check out our online shop’s exclusive deals and save some cash enough for a few piña coladas!

Sprocket in the Pocket?

Spring break is a favourite occasion for everybody! We’re here to ensure you’ve always got the perfect pocket camera armed with nifty, sprocketed film ready to capture those wicked, memorable journeys this season! Check out what we have in store for you!

Wanderlust awaits you at the Gallery Stores!

Time to mark those diaries for a special visit to our Lomography Gallery Stores! Starting today ‘till the first of May experience an analogue spring fling to remember with our unique series of events!

  • Travel-themed Photography Workshops
  • Check out exclusive gallery store discounts & camera bundles
  • Surprise in-store rumble to awaken your creative juices

Events & Promotions at the Lomography Gallery Stores

Lomography Gallery Store Seoul
Take the spirit of spring in your pocket as we take you to Insa-dong and Samchung-dong for a tour of both traditional and modern Korea. Looking for a next-level camera tour? Join our Mt. Nansan cable car tour in Seoul!

Click here for full details

Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong
Come with your Pinhole cameras as we roam the wonderful urbanscapes of Hong Kong with our “Through the Little Hole” city tour!

Click here for full details

Lomography Gallery Shop Tokyo
Sprocket in the Pocket hits hard on Japan’s Golden Week celebration with ‘Bird View’ tours in Roppongi hills and top-secret rooftops! Customers who bring in their LomoLocations get 10% off, and get a chance to earn 500 (Japan-site) piggy points!

Click here for full details

Lomography Gallery Store New York City
Be an NYC Tourist for a Day! Join us on the 24th of April for an intense happy hour on the Lomo Love boat and get 10% off on any non-bundled item at the gallery store!

Click here for full details

Lomography Gallery Store Paris
Experience an analogue DJ set, expressionist dances, a tour of Paris with the Diana+ or experience a blind date with a 25 yr. Old Russian Girl (the LC-A) at the Paris Gallery store!

Click here for full details

Lomography Gallery Store Beijing & Shanghai
Join us in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing as we take a breathtaking bird’s eye view tour amongst the Chinese buildings and cityscapes!

Click here for full details

Lomography Embassy/Gallery Store Thailand
It’s a hot April in Thailand as we go plunge into a beach tour of Hua Hin in Bangkok as well as other exciting workshops! Come in a fancy summer costume and get 10% off at the Gallery store!

Click here for full details

Tourist in Your Hometown Rumble

Try a different travel experience for a change – be a tourist in your own hometown! Go on, dress up like a foreigner. Try wearing a jersey of a foreign sport team and pretend you’re a hardcore fan! Eat in obscure foreign restaurants at hidden nook and cranny of your town. Whatever strange reactions you get from your countrymates, document them and get a chance to win in our extended online rumble!

“Go to the rumble”:

Travel the World in a few Clicks with Lomolocations

Fancy travelling round the globe but don’t have the luxury of time or funds for it? Our Lomolocations section in the Beta Magazine is a good place to start – get to visit lush landscapes, famous shopping districts and historical landmarks at a point of your fingertips! Let other Lomographers travel to your favourite place: Go to – upload some pictures – write a short text and share the highlights of your locations with other Lomographic travellers. Not only that you will make other travellers happy by submitting, you will also be rewarded with 5 Piggy Points if your Location gets published!

Essential Trip Deals & Bundles

LC-A+ & Underwater Krab Bundle
Frolic in the sun or dive deep with our exclusive Underwater Krab discounts this season. Get your krabby pinchers grabbin’ these offers fast, as it expires when the May sun cools down!

Go to the shop

Underwater Krab (Solo)
Save 25% off regular price

Go to the shop

LC-A+ Underwater Holiday Pack

Go to the shop

Fisheye Camera & Underwater Combo

Go to the shop

LC-A+ Travel Kit

Go to the shop

LC-A+ Colorsplash Chakras Kit

Go to the shop

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    Standard Photo Development Services

    Standard Photo Development Services

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    Try the LomoLAB Development Service!

    Try the LomoLAB Development Service!

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    Fuji Instax Wide 300

    Fuji Instax Wide 300

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