Lou Reed Wearing a Lou Reed Shirt


This photo of Lou Reed wearing – yes – a Lou Reed shirt was taken by Sheri Lynn Behr in 1974.

I don’t think there has ever been a time when I was not listening to Lou Reed (apart from the Metallica collaboration – I agree with Chuck Klosterman that it makes SuperHeavy seem like Big Star). Growing up I was blessed with an older brother who had a great music taste, so I listened to Reed’s solo work and Velvet Underground (followed by the epiphany that they share the same front man – I know, I know, but I was ten).

In all these articles I have a tendency to name lots of favorite things – favorite musicians, favorite movies, favorite actors, … But as of today I think Lou Reed’s Street Hassle is my favorite song: strings, his voice, his gentle guitar play and Bruce Springsteen doing a short vocal cameo. Also Lou’s getting scared in Sweden.

written by recurving on 2011-11-09 in #lifestyle #lou-reed #overly-descriptive-title

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