Vermont's Fall Colors


I traveled to Southern Vermont this fall to be a “leaf peeper” and see the annual show of color as the leaves turned to vibrant shades of reds and golds. Spectacular Lomo moments were at every turn. The beautiful scenery was only enhanced by the artistic wonder of my Diana F+ and LC-A.

Being from Los Angeles, the weather is pretty mild year-round. We don’t get the extreme change of seasons I hear about in other places. So I traveled to Southern Vermont to see the world famous fall foliage. The leaves literally look as if they are set ablaze when the dense tree-lined landscape turns from greens to an eye-popping display of reds, oranges and golds. I went armed with a Diana F+ and Lomo LC-A to capture this magnificent theater of nature’s own creation.

We drove all over Southern Vermont and came across rivers, lakes, covered bridges, and red farmhouses, all within the embrace of maple trees that produce the state’s best known product – sticky sweet maple syrup and glorious leaves in a kaleidoscope of colors this time of year. We visited a host of country stores and little mom & pop cafes. We drove into Woodstock and toured Billings Farm, where I petted a barn-full of baby cows – who I swear smiled for my camera! We stopped by Robert Frost’s house in Shaftsbury for literary inspiration and journeyed to the top of the 300-foot tall obelisk at the Bennington Battle Monument for a jaw-dropping view of three states – Vermont, New York and Massachusetts – just as the trees began their wardrobe change for fall’s big show.

I found Vermont peaceful, beautiful and awe-inspiring. The entire trip was an eyeful of panoramic beauty that will call to me every year from now on. I hope to return to explore more of Vermont and see all of its glorious splendor.

Shot with Diana F+ with Kodak 120 400VC and Lomo LC-A with Fuji Velvia cross processed

Links & References:
Billings Farm
Historic Vermont
Frost Friends

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  1. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    Dear Kastle, thanks for visiting us here in Vermont! I wish I had known you were coming I could have given you a tour! While although other states do get fall foliage, no one gets it as powerfully as we do here in VT! Unfortunately my friend, you missed out on the best stuff, the foliage is best in northern and central Vermont. May I suggest visiting Killington, Montpelier, Stowe and Waitsfield/Warren? Killer spots to visit for leaf peeping and great historical sites to see as well! I live in Montpelier (the state's capital) and we got a great foliage season this year, I can't wait for next year!
    Sincerely, Aroninvt.

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Really like your covered bridge picture.

  3. kastle
    kastle ·

    Thank you @aroninvt and @neanderthalis for the comments :) @aroninvt I hope to go back to Vermont for next year's colors - thank you for the sightseeing tips!

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