Harry Nilsson Singing and Drinking at the Same Time in Studio With Alice Cooper, Keith Moon and Marc Bolan


This photo of Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, Marc Bolan and Harry Nilsson in the studio was taken during the recording of Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies". I especially like Harry Nilsson with the microphone in one hand and the glass in the other hand.

Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan

Harry Nilsson is one of the artists where I knew only his name and some small details, but that was pretty much it. Then I read an interview with Jason Schwartzman in a recent The Believer issue and Harry Nilsson was mentioned multiple times. To cite Jason Schwartzman in the interview: My experience from reading the interviews as a young teenager was that he (Kurt Cobain) was giving out lots of information, and he would mention a band, which was so important for me. And that’s what I think is so great about interviews, is when people cite inspirations. So I did exactly that: researching Harry Nilsson.

I started with Spotify, put on his music and started to read his Wikipedia entry – and then everything came together: Everybody's Talkin' from the great movie Midnight Cowboy, Best Friend which was the title track for the MTV show Rob & Big (a show a friend of mine loved to watch and eventually grew on me – mostly because it reminds me of this friend), Jump Into The Fire – also used in the movie Goodfellas – sounded to me like a song by LCD Soundsystem (and James Murphy covered it at one of his farewell concerts – I am pretty sure this is where I got the association from) and Coconut made me think about Jason Schwartzman’s band Coconut Records (where the circle closes again).

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