The LC-A Special Buyout!


Has your LC-A seen better days? Well buy it from you!

Keep the LC-A Love Alive (for 25 Years & Counting!)

This year is very special for the LC-A – we’re celebrating 25 years of its glorious, vignetted, color-drenched existence! Be prepared to be blown away with a stream of exciting parties, events, and activities in honor of our favourite analog wonder.

Perhaps you’ve got a worn-out LC-A that you’re willing to surrender for a boost of love and TLC? Stuck shutter? Loose screws? Peeling skin? Send them to our Headquarters in New York or Vienna, and we’ll nurse them back to health, before releasing them into the wild again as a LC-A Refurb! In exchange for your generous efforts we will be rewarding you with a hefty sum of Piggies (75 to be exact) so that you can reward yourself with a brand-new LC-A, perhaps?

75 Piggies for Your Broken LC-A

We have been on this rescue mission for quite some time now – reviving battered LC-A beauties back to glowing health. Seventy-five Piggies will be handed as a special treat to concerned Lomo-citizens!

Please take note that we’re not accepting totally mangled LC-As. We’re on the lookout for LC-A cameras that we can still work with, NOT hopeless cases! Check out the microsite for more details:

Help Yourself to a New LC-A


The hottest, fly thing on the LC-A block is the new Chinese Minitar Lens LC-A+.

LC-A+ original Russian Minitar Lens

For the traditionalist in you opt for this classic beauty.

LC-A Refurb

Be a supporter of the grassroots workmanship. We stand by our work and offer the same 2 year warranty as the brand new models.

The Ultimate LC-A Experience

These accessories guarantee a mind-blowing analog experience when paired with your LC-A! Try one, or all!


Multi-expose and slice ‘n’ dice your image.


Surround your image with bursts of colored light!

LC-A+ Wideangle Lens

Expand the world to 120 degrees!

LC-A+ Krab

Take the plunge with your LC-A+ – just make sure it’s enclosed in this protective red shell!

LC-A+ Travel Kit

Take your LC-A bundle everywhere you go!

The LC-A 25th Anniversary Microsite

Where were you 25 years ago? Back in St. Petersburg, Russia little did we know that the Lomo factory was weaving a compact-sized magic camera that will change our analog lives forever! Come celebrate the LC-A’s 25 years with us – check out the microsite for the latest info on awesome activities and events that are coming at you very soon!

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Ha! Did you lot just read my desperate plea for help on the News.
    The trouble is, mine is really only just out of its warranty and I love this particular one sooo much I want the same one back! is that daft...what can you do to help? can you fix and return? not sure who to customer services?

  2. hazy_baby
    hazy_baby ·

    Hello, is this still running? x

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