Walter Matthau Photobombs an Interior Architecture Shot

Well, not really. This was originally a portrait shot taken by Michael Tighe in 1993. However, we think our title best describes what Walter Matthau is doing in this photo.

Walter Matthau is another one of my favorites (and yes: in this series overly descriptive title I use the phrase one of my favorites a lot, but there are many people I like). I can’t remember a time when his face wasn’t around: The Odd Couple, The Fortune Cookie, Candy (one day I have to write about this very weird movie starring John Astin, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando, John Huston, James Coburn and – yes – Ringo Starr), Charade, Cactus Flower, The Bad News Bears, …

written by recurving on 2011-10-19 in #lifestyle #overly-descriptive-title #walter-matthau #michael-tighe

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