A Look Back at Steve Jobs' Life


Steve Jobs was considered a visionary who inspired plenty. Let’s take a look back at his life as we pay tribute to him on 'Steve Jobs Day'.

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Steven Paul Jobs was born to an unwed couple on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. The young couple gave up Steve for adoption and he ended up with Paul and Clara Jobs, a lower-middle class couple living in the Bay Area. After a few years, the family packed up and moved to Silicon Valley, which we now know as the prime location for technology businesses. As a child, Steve was bullied in school and this prompted their move to Los Altos.

As Steve was growing up, he began to take interest in electronics. He met Stephen “Woz” Wozniak when he was 14 and together they would spend their time tinkering and talking about electronics. They easily had a connection with their common interest even if Woz was 5 years his senior. Steve attended Reed College after graduating high school. However, he only attended Reed for a couple of months before dropping out. After that, he dabbled with Eastern mysticism and started fasting, eating only fruits.

Steve Jobs with Stephen Wozniak images via PC Advisor UK and All About Steve Jobs

With no money left to support himself, Steve applied for a job at Atari. He was sent to Germany to repair some Atari machines. From there, he met up with his friend from Reed and together they travelled to India to search for enlightenment. They were somewhat disappointed from the trip and Steve went back to work for Atari. With his hippie lifestyle, he would spend weeks in a hippie community in Oregon, planting and harvesting apples.

At about the same time, Woz, together with computer enthusiasts were working on computer boards in order to build their own personal computers. Steve saw the potential in what the group was doing and they goaded the group to sell the computer board to them. This was the start of the Apple empire.

During the first year of business, Steve would work on computers on his garage and travel to various computer stores trying to sell his product. At the same time, Woz was working on completing the Apple II. He finally finished it in 1977. Because of the technological breakthrough brought about by the Apple II, an executive invested $250,000 for the business. At 25 years of age, Steve already had a net worth of $200 million.

images via All About Steve Jobs

In the 1980’s, Steve encountered some difficulties with the business. Apple II’s successor, Apple III, wasn’t as successful. IBM had also launched their line of personal computers, thus threatening the future of Apple. Amidst all these, he took over the Macintosh project. Still, Macintosh’s sales were not as high as expected and this put the business in danger. In 1985, he told Apple board members that he was going to start his own company called NeXT. He also resigned from Apple that year. The overpriced computers by NeXT didn’t sell and again, this was something tough for Steve to digest.

Apple I, Apple II, Apple III, Macintosh Classic, Macintosh, and Macintosh Portable images via One More Gadget

In the mid 1990’s, Apple was not doing well in the business. With the launch of Windows ’95, Apple was quickly losing a big percentage of their market. In 1996, Steve’s business NeXT was bought on board for $400 million. Steve was back at Apple.

With Steve back on track, Apple carried a new slogan – Think Different. In 1998, the iMac was released. With its powerful technology and colourful casing, the iMac was a hit on the market. Steve was named as the CEO of Apple 2 years later.

In 2001, Apple came up with a revolutionary gadget that would keep up the success of Apple – the iPod. This was a good strategy for the company as some consumers would purchase the iMac just to use the iPod. By 2002, the iPod was made compatible with Windows computers. The success of the iPod paved way for Apple’s future technologies.

iPod Classic, First Generation image via CNBC
iMac, iPod Nano, MacBook Air, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, iPod 2 and iPhone 4S images via Apple

In the latter part of 2003, Steve learned that he had pancreatic cancer. A surgery would have helped him but he put the surgery off until 9 months later. Over the years, people have noticed the decrease in Steve’s weight. In 2009, Steve took half a year off for a liver transplant. In 2010, Steven was more visible in public. He spoke at product launches and came up with more Apple products. However, just more than a year after his transplant, Steve publicly announced his leave of absence in order to focus on his health and on August 24, 2011, he officially declared his resignation as the CEO of Apple, Inc.

Steve Jobs Through the Years images via All About Steve Jobs

Steve died on October, 5 2011 due to complications brought about by his pancreatic cancer. He was 56 years old. There’s no doubt that Steve was a person who inspired many. Indeed, his legacy will live on forever.

Steve Jobs was many things but ask anyone the first word that comes to their head with the mention of his name and you would get ‘apple’ as an answer. In celebration of Steve Jobs Day, here’s The Apple Rumble!

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