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The Winchester Mystery House is a famous tourist spot in California. This mansion has intrigued many throughout the years. What is it that makes this place so frightful yet intriguing? Find out after the break.

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In 1862, Sarah Pardee, a well-off lass from Connecticut, married William Winchester. William Winchester was the son of the manufacturer of repeating rifles. Together they lived happily until disaster struck and their child died of a mysterious disease. Sarah was stricken with grief and had a hard time coping with the loss. They didn’t have any more children after the death. Tragedy didn’t end there. William died of tuberculosis 15 years after, leaving Sarah as the sole heiress of the Winchester rifle empire.

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After the death of her daughter and husband, Sarah Winchester started consulting a medium. A séance was conducted and according to the medium, the deaths were caused by the spirits who were killed by the Winchester rifles. It was implied that Sarah Winchester would be next in line but an alternative was presented. She had to keep on building the house for the spirits.

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Construction of the house soon started and went on for 24 hours. The building of rooms and staircases went on for 38 years. These included doors opening to walls, staircases that led to the ceiling and trap doors. She had also demanded for the number 13 to appear all throughout the house. There were 13 steps on some staircases, 13 coat hooks in a closet and 13 holes on drainages. All these were done according to the instructions of the spirits.

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The construction only ceased in 1922 when Sarah died. After almost 4 decades of building, the house now has 160 rooms, 6 kitchens and 47 fireplaces. There are also reportedly 2,000 doors and 10,000 windows. Caretakers and tourists who visit the mansion claim to hear creaking floorboards, footsteps and in some instances, lights turning on by themselves.

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The Winchester House still remains a mystery up to this day. There has been some debate whether the place is really haunted or if Sarah Winchester was just looking for a way to cope up with her grief. Either way, the house still manages to attract many visitors.

View this short clip to see the interiors of the Winchester Mystery House

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