Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Lord Combermere

Continuing with the creepy series in preparation for Halloween, let us take a look at another interesting ghost photograph: Lord Combermere sitting in his library, taken in 1891.

Photo via Ghost Pictures

The photo above shows the figure of a man, clearly showing his head, collar, and an arm on the chair’s armrest. It is believed to be the ghost of Wellington Stapleton-Cotton, 2nd Viscount Combermere, a British cavalry commander in the early 1800s, sitting on his favorite chair. It was taken in the Combermere Abbey library in 1891 by Sybell Corbet.

While it could very well be a double exposure, the charm of this photo lies in the tale behind the snapshot. Sybell actually took the photograph while the funeral of Lord Combermere was taking place around four miles away. The British military man passed away after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage. Grabbing the rare chance to take photos undisturbed, she set up the camera and took an hour-long exposure of the library.

When Sybell’s spooky snapshot was revealed, some suspected that a servant could have stepped inside the library and sat on the lord’s chair during the exposure, creating the ghostly image. However, the members of the household denied the speculation, saying that all attended Combermere’s funeral and none of them wore the same gentleman’s suit that the ghost appeared to wear. They also noted that none of them looked exactly like the deceased cavalry commander.

So, what do you think; is this Lord Combermere’s ghost, or just a prank one of his servants must have played on the photographer? Tell us with a comment below!

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