Haunted Locations: Amityville House, New York

The house at 112 Ocean Avenue is probably one of the most popular places in the world. It has been the subject of films, books and documentaries. The Amityville house, as it is famously known, was the residence of the DeFeo family. Learn more about the house after the break.

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In 1965, Ronald DeFeo Sr. together with his wife and 5 children moved in to 112 Ocean Avenue. They were living a life that some people would be jealous of. They seemed to be the perfect family – living in a big house and having the money to support all their needs. But beneath the seemingly perfect exterior, a problem was brewing in the form of Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr.

Allison and Dawn DeFeo image via Zombies Ate My Blog
image via Zombies Ate My Blog

Butch was a hot-tempered teen who dabbled with the wrong crowd and succumbed to drugs and other criminal acts. Because of his father’s disapproval of his actions, he often lashed out and they got into fist fights and heated arguments. This was the start of their tumultuous relationship that ended in murder.

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In November 1974, the bodies of 6 members of the DeFeo family were found dead. All of them were killed with gunshot wounds. Ronald Sr. had gunshots on his lower back while his wife Louis had bullets on her chest. All the DeFeo children (John, Mark, Allison and Dawn) were found dead in their own bedrooms, drowning in their own blood. Butch tried to point the killings on the Mafia but his plan backfired and he was convicted for the murder of his entire family.

images via Amityville America & Classic Hauntings

Only a year after the murder, George and Kathy Lutz purchased the home. All was well but this did not last. They soon began to experience unexplainable events around the house. They heard footsteps, loud noises and smelled odd odors. Apart from that, the family experienced nightmares, too. These events kept happening and the family decided to leave the house for good.

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Could what they have experienced be caused by the ghosts of the DeFeos? There has been a constant debate on this matter. Share your comments and opinions below!

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