Agfa Vista 100: An Emulsion of Peace and Harmony


A review on Agfa Vista ISO 100 using Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. All pictures are taken in Terengganu, Malaysia on March 2011.

Agfa Vista 100 (35mm) was the first roll of film I have ever used for my analog camera, which back at that time was Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS). Agfa Vista was the cheapest film I could find (approximately 3 dollars) in the market and so, it’s the perfect choice for a beginner to experiment.

I used this film during my college trip to Terengganu, that is the east coast of Malaysia Peninsular. The sun was shining so bright all-day – and it was the perfect weather to snap pictures using my non-flash Vivitar UWS camera.

When I get the photos from the lab, I could tell you that I’m quite satisfied with the results. This film gives soft saturated effect especially when I snapped something blue or green in color.

The blue/green objects in the surroundings (blue skies, green grass, seas) blend very well with the hot and shiny weather. Personally, I would say that I love the color very much. It looks so natural, and at the same time, the color gives me the feelings of peace and harmony.

Credits: janiemeringuepie, gilaman, trabantdeluxe & lottelomo

To conclude, Agfa Vista 100 is the perfect choice for beginners to experiment, and it’s an emulsion that shows a harmonious blend of natural colors.

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  1. knipsomat
    knipsomat ·

    I love this film, it`s also one of the cheapest 100 ISO- films in Germany at the moment ( 1,79€ ).

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