Haunted Locations: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine


In 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine exploded and emitted radioactive gasses on a large expanse of land. This tragedy affected more than half a million workers and their families. Could the spirits of the dead be lurking in the abandoned power plant?

image via Denver Post

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had a total of 4 reactors that could produce 1,000 MW of power. Disaster struck in 1986 when one of the reactors exploded and the steam spread radioactive gasses in the air. It was reported that only 56 people died directly from the accident. However, 4,000 or more died as a result of the radiation. Reports indicate that the result from the explosion is 4 times that of the atomic bomb in Hiroshma. To this day, this event is considered the worst nuclear power plant disaster of all time.

Volodymyr Shashenok, an engineer at the power plant image via Business Insider

Vlodymyr Shashenok (photo above), was one of the unfortunate ones. He died 5 hours after disaster struck.

Until today, the people who have been affected by the radiation during the accident are still experiencing the aftermath. Even the children of the workers are affected with serious ailments. Some were born with birth defects as a result of the parents’ radiation poisoning.

images via Denver Post here

The images above show people being checked for levels of radiation. Bodies of water, as well as produce and animals are also checked for safety reasons.

The people living in the surrounding area of the power plant were immediately evacuated, leaving the place a ghost town. Pripyat, a town near the nuclear power plant, is said to be the location of ghost hauntings. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen apparitions or ghostly shadows in the area. Others feel they are being watched. Are these the spirits of those who died during the disaster? We may never know.

image via Denver Post here

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  1. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    Isn't it still too dangerous to go there?

  2. jeanmendoza
    jeanmendoza ·

    According to reports, there are still radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere but they are at tolerable levels and are not fatal.

  3. explorette
    explorette ·

    no a few of my friends went about 2 years ago on a tour around the abandoned town. I would love to go, but its too much money for me :(

  4. viltsu
    viltsu ·

    isn't tshernobyl itself still radioactive? The plant area?

  5. hilarion
    hilarion ·

    yes, černobyl is still radioactive and as I heard it is closed for tourists now. I do not think it good to earn money on such thing that černobyl is. it was horrible catastrophe and many people were not properly informed about what happened that time. :(

  6. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    @hilarion, @viltsu, @explorette, @laurasulilly, @s0y and I went to Kiev three weeks ago, and also visited the exclusion zone, Prypiat and Chernobyl. I think it is good that it is still open for tourists; people have to know what happened there. Documentaries and musea can never make that more clear than standing there. It was an impressive trip, bizarre, spooky, but beautiful and intense. No ghosts in the pictures though ;)
    We are working on a lomo location article, but for now you can just have a look at the pictures in our lomohomes, if you're interested.

  7. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    O, it now looks as if we all went to Kiev together. But I went with @S0y :D

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