Crete Island has a four district under the government of prefect and Rethymon is the one from west-northern.

I know that I have already published a lot of stories about the Crete Island, but one day you can become thankful, because if you go there for a holiday and you just can not stand sunbathing and sitting in one place (I guess, 95% of all Lomographers are very lively), then you just have to know where to go with a rented car, right? Here is one of a lot nice places, where you can spend even some days for your vacation – the Rethymno or Rethymon (name it as you like, cause the natives also name it different).

Rethymon is the capital city of the prefecture of Rethymon (one of 4 prefectures in Crete), which occupies the west-northern part of the island. The old town is so beautiful, that you just finish your first roll after 5 minutes (at least, that happened to me). Picturesque streets, contemporary buildings, traditional houses as well as mosques, Byzantine churches and architectural structures of the Venetian and Turkish occupation period… Oh, you just can imagine how many nice things does this place offer you, but as for me, I totally fell in love with its little Venetian harbor (near the big port for ferries).

It is so small, that you can not find any big ship here, but somehow I did find even a Pirates’ ship J And if you want to find some popular places in this city, try searching the historic buildings of the Venetian Lotzia (near the port), the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the churches of Santa Maria, the Lady of the Angels, the Neratzes Mosque and the Marina, which is so cool if you have a fisheye or Fotosniper.

Rethymon also has a Venetian castle Fortetza, which is the one of the biggest castles in Crete. So, as you did already understand, you can find everything here, but as it is not very popular in tourism, you probably will have a hotel in other parts of Crete Island, and Rethymon will become your task number one when you rent a car. It is often sunny there, so take ISO 100 films and every camera you have, because you will stop after each step to shoot something.



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