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Purchasing music nowadays can be as easy as a click of a button. The days of going to a music store and browsing through rows and rows of music albums are long gone. These photos of record stores from the 1960’s bring a nostalgic feeling that transports us back to the days when music came in the form of a vinyl record.

HMV is the biggest entertainment sales company in the United Kingdom. HMV stands for His Master’s Voice, which is the title of a painting of a dog listening to a phonograph. The first HMV record store was established in 1921. The location was in London, England.

images via Voices of East Anglia

Expansions of the store started in 1966 and continued through the 70’s. In a span of a few years, the record store doubled in size and was known as the biggest music retailer during that time. HMV also started to operate worldwide with stores in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore and Ireland. Stores also opened in Australia, India, Canada, USA and Japan although some of these stores have closed down or have been sold to other entities.

images via Voices of East Anglia

Today, HMV offers a range of products such as books, video games, DVDs, blu-ray discs and CDs. They now have 273 stores in 4 countries. With these pictures from the 1960’s, we can see how the humble beginnings of a record company turned into something big. These nostalgic photos indeed make us want to go back in time just to experience purchasing records in an analogue world.

images via Voices of East Anglia

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  2. emperornorton
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    I rather miss the old style record store. You could go in without any pre-conceived ideas and flip through the bins just to see what they had. Your decision largely depended on things like cover art and curiosity. You made mistakes now and then, but you were often rewarded with surprises.

  3. emperornorton
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    My favorite place to shop, incidentally, was called Rhino Records. They turned out a few platters, too.

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