Music Video with an Analogue Feel: Are You A Real Person by Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Mann is known for his Song-A-Day project. Today, let us take a look at one of his latest videos of particular interest for analogue geeks like us.

Jonathan Mann has gained notoriety in the last couple of years, since he started writing and posting one song a day as an exercise to keep his creative juices flowing.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of his most recent videos, for the song Are You A Real Person? made with some slides someone had thrown away.

From Jonathan’s own words: “It’s about how I was friended by an attractive girl on Facebook, and I wasn’t sure if she was real or spam. She looked vaguely familiar, and she was friends with 7 or so of my friends from college, but they were all guys and it seemed likely that they were all duped. The video for the song, directed by Albert Birney, combines live action, animation, and a bunch of slides that he found discarded on the side of the road. We thought there’d be an interesting connection between the modern experience of not knowing if someone was a bot or a human and these wonderful family scenes from the 70s and 80s that someone just threw away.”

Two days ago was also a special day for the artist, as he posted his 1000th song. To celebrate, he also launched an album, enigmatically titled Song A Day: The Album and throwing a party at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco.

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