Autumn in Monochrome by LIFE Photographers

Fallen leaves of varying hues make autumn one of the most scenic seasons worthy of a picture or two. How would autumn scenes look when stripped of their characteristic colors? Allow three of LIFE magazine's veteran photographers show you autumn of the yesteryears in monochrome.

Every season has its own distinct colors and for autumn, it’s those calming shades of brown, green, red, and yellow. The colorful season owes its neutral shades to the changing foliage and falling leaves as summer gives way to winter in some parts of the world.

Because of its characteristic beauty, autumn has been a popular subject among poets, novelists, painters, photographers, and other creative minds through the years. Although artists typically portray the season in its full eye-catching hues, some notable LIFE magazine photographers have also taken black and white photos of autumnal scenes. Let’s take a look at autumn of the late 1930s to 50s in monochrome by Alfred Eisenstaedt and Loomis Dean.

Late 1930s – 40s
by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Photos via LIFE Photo Archive

The German-American photojournalist joined LIFE in 1936, and is best known for his V-J Day in Times Square photo. His knack for taking beautiful candid photographs is evident these snapshots of daily life in autumn. Notice how his photos have captured the season’s look and feel even without fall’s colors!

Early 1950s
by Loomis Dean

Photos via LIFE Photo Archive

Loomis Dean joined LIFE in 1947 and was assigned to photograph the brightest Hollywood stars at the time, such as Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball. He is also best known for his photos of circus clowns, royal weddings, and the survivors of ocean liner SS Andrea Doria. His photos above appear to tell a story about a family’s typical backyard cleaning day in the autumn of 1953.

We’re sure you have some autumn photos and stories to show and tell. Why not write something about them for the magazine, or tell us about them through a comment below!

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