Fish and Friends

A meeting with a friend in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain) was perfect to use, for first time, the fisheye accessory for my Diana F+ using black and white 120mm film!

Credits: carlosbull

Meeting to say goobye to ==beatrizd" before leaving the country, to move to a far far away place (I'll write an article about it), was the perfect opportunity to use my "Diana F+": with its "20mm Fisheye Lens":, and a black and white "120mm film==":!

Credits: carlosbull

It was August, the hottest day in summer, the sun was shining and people were almost dying! But if I’ve learn anything about my Diana F+, it is that it needs light! So, it was the perfect day to use it and enjoy taking photos with my friends!

This event could not be called anything other than Fish & Friends! I want to show you a part of the city of Logroño, Spain. I hope to show you more things about it soon! All my favorite locations!

Credits: carlosbull

For the first time, I can say that I’m completely satisfied with the photos! I love each of them, except the one which was overexposed. The rest are perfect; even the underexposed one is funny! The bad? The lab scanned the negatives near the fisheye circle! It could have been better! Anyway, as it is, I already like it!

These are the photographs that document that day! Hope you like it!

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