Keith Richards Wearing a Shirt Asking Who The F*** Is Mick Jagger?


Keith Richards was seen wearing this shirt during the Rolling Stones' Tour of the Americas in 1975.

Seen on Yayo. Our previous article in the series “single photos with overly descriptive title” was Alfred Hitchcock and Three Kids Screaming in a Sledge While Being Followed by a Rider, see all of them here.

written by recurving on 2011-09-20 in #lifestyle #overly-descriptive-title #keith-richards #mick-jagger


  1. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    seriously though, who is he?

  2. pauee1617
    pauee1617 ·

    mick jagger is the vocalist of the band rolling stones :)

  3. jennson
    jennson ·


  4. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·

    Keith Richards is God!!

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