8-Bit Fashion by Penter Yip


What happens when you mix high end fashion and low end graphics? The result is a pop mix of style and pixel art.

Image via Fashionary.org

These 8-bit images were created by designer and art director Penter Yip. He runs an online fashion sketchbook line called Fashionary which stands for Fashion+Dictionary+Diary. The sketchbook contains templates good for quick sketching and also has useful fashion information.

Images via Fashionary.org

The designs have a nostalgic video game feel. What if ‘80s RPG characters were this fashionable? The gameplay might have changed. From the village’s armor shop’s leather caps and chain mails to LV leather pelts and Chanel +2 Obsidian coats.

For more information on the artist, you can check his website.

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  1. theycallmeelton
    theycallmeelton ·

    I love pixel-art and this is a rather fine application, indeed!

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