Fashionable Oddness with Ron and Russell Mael


The Sparks are one of the weirdest and most exciting bands to enter the world. Look at them. Look at them in these plentiful images of yore.

The Sparks are not only musical purveyors, masters of glittering rock synth disco glam topped with cream and kittens and satirical lyrics, but they are also sexy, sexy fashion icons.

Made in 1970, the Sparks were woven from strands of moustaches and self awareness and hand-washed before being delicately hand-painted by moths. Cameras quickly heard the call of the synth and hastily cantered towards Ron and Russell Mael to record the sweet curls and folksy jumpers of the trilling Russell, and the cold gaze of the business dentist Ron, so that we might lap at the luminous and effervescent sounds they produced on a celestial Monday.

Their graphical output causes many a household pet to cock its head and stare, transfixed, as profound realizations of all of space and time peel from each image and pour like warm milk into their overwhelmed minds. For this reason, Sparks were declared illegal in 1983 and anyone caught with Sparks paraphernalia was fed to Toyah Wilcox. Widespread protesting soon forced the ruling bodies to accept that Mael fever was here to stay.

Behold, the finest analogue photographs ye ever shall view, in which we see the glorious artistic splendor of the Mael brothers at their highest level of terrific-ness. Russell Mael is shown in exquisitely fanciful patterned jumpers with his bush of mighty curls dancing lightly on top, and Ron Mael wears his eyebrows carefully straightened and irons his legs to achieve that formidable linear style that people are so often talking about.

Thank you Sparks, for all you have given us.

All pictures were taken from Sparks on

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  1. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    I'm not sure why you've edited this article to say "The Sparks" when "Sparks" is technically the correct name. I would be fine with this if you had done it consistently, and capitalised "The" every time you did so, but as it is now, you've edited my article to add a grammatical error and inconsistencies with the band's name, which is somewhat irritating.

  2. lafphotography
    lafphotography ·

    Love the last shot the color is amazing

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