Cuba: A Glimpse of the Glamorous Lifestyle


American photographer Michael Dweck gained access to the Cuban art scene. His photos allow us to see Cuba in a different light – stylish and glamorous. Read more about Cuba’s colourful art scene.

images © Michael Dweck via Nowness

Cuba is typically depicted as a struggling country where the citizens do not always have the freedom to express themselves openly. It is also reported that Cuba’s strict government prevents free expression and associations in many aspects of their lives. Because of this, people may have a negative connotation about Cuba.

image © Michael Dweck via Nowness

Michael Dweck’s photography delves on the different lifestyle that Cuban artists have. Contrary to what people believe, Cuba’s art scene is actually quite glamorous. His pictures tell a story about Cuba that never gets told. These musicians, artists and fashionistas live a sophisticated and glamorous lifestyle. Their lives could be compared to the ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ – with their expensive and luxurious cars, huge studios, grand parties and jetsetter routine.

image © Michael Dweck via Nowness

Of course, being an American shooting in Cuba posed some difficulties. Permissions for photoshoots were initially hard to get. Paperwork and forms had to be processed in order for Michael Dweck to realize his vision. After all the hard work, he was able to do what he wanted and capture the lives of what he described as the ‘privileged creative class’ of Cuba.

image © Michael Dweck via Nowness

Among those he was able to take pictures of were revolutionary Che Guevara’s son, Camilo and revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro’s son, Alejandro. During Michael Dweck’s visits to the island, he was able to experience attending fashion shows, cocktail parties and other artsy gatherings hosted by people from the Cuban art scene. This lifestyle can be compared to the lavish way of life of people from Miami or LA, but without all the high-end shopping.

image © Michael Dweck via Nowness

All of Michael Dweck’s black and white pictures of the Cuban art scene can be found in his book Habana Libre. With his pictures, you will be able to see beneath the Cuban society’s surface where a glimpse of pre-revolutionary Cuba can be grasped.

image © Michael Dweck via Nowness

For more of Michael Dweck’s works, visit his official website.

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  1. gmarnn
    gmarnn ·

    very interest and different view of Cuba from the usual photos......

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    Glamorous is an understatement!

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