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Colin Creevey and the Argus C3

In the wizardly world of Harry Potter, nearly everything in the Muggle realm had a counterpart, including cameras. In time for the premiere of Harry Potter saga's final installment, why don't we look back at one of the prominent analog cameras featured throughout the film series?

PYHOF: I Am A Camera by The Buggles

The Buggles shot to fame in 1979 when they came out with "Video Killed the Radio Star." Today, put your headphones on and check out their 1981 single "I Am A Camera"!

Greg Ash's 10 Reasons Why 'Shooting Film Makes You Arty'

Film photographers are innately artsy. Everything they do, whatever kind of pictures they take: they are, more or less, automatically considered to be funky-fartsy. Every film photographer's self-portrait is his/her diary — or another just "another arty accident," says blogger Greg Ash.

The Wizarding World Through a Lens

No witchcraft and wizardry can replace a good analogue camera -- Colin Creevey can testify to that! When it comes to photography, witches and wizards don't mind indulging in a little muggle technology. Arthur Weasley, however, still thinks a Lomo Oktomat is some sort of pixie prison.

The Crumpled One

I've been thinking of another way to prepare film before exposing it, and this is what I came up with.

How to Knit Your Very Own Lomo Scarf

Originally created for the Spread the Word Rumble, the Lomo scarf finally has it's own knitting chart. Knit yours and keep warm today!

Diana F+ VS. Holga (The First Round)

This is a war between Holga and Diana F+. Who will gain victory in the end? We shall see!