• Mallorca Color Implosion

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    Mallorca Color Implosion

  • Mallorca without color

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    ASSEC Guerledan(22530)

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    ASSEC Guerledan(22530)

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    ASSEC Guerledan(22530)

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    expired Kodak UC100

  • Sunny winter day

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    A sunny day in winter

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    I bought a Yashica AF-j at the local flea market last week for 5 €, and it turned out to be good, above expectations

  • Jörð + Vatn (IV)

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    for the story behind the pics:

  • Sleeping beauty

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    Attempted self doubles with galaxy photos with the computer screen. Unfortunately the day time photos completely wiped out the stars. But the night shots came out quite nicely. I'll have to try this again!

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  • sheep

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  • pink sun poking through the branches

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  • deckchairs

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  • girl in the polka dot skirt

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  • the age of steam

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    The North Norfolk Railway runs steam trains out of Sheringham.

  • let sleeping dogs lie

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    Only one way to cope with the heat of the midday sun in Morocco and that's to sleep through it. Which is exactly what this dog was doing right up until the second I got my camera out which is when it woke up. Damn, sorry to ruin your nap fella.

  • things get in the way

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    Not only did the rubbish bin totally get in the way but some grass decided to get in on the act too. Plus there's the fact that although the ground is level (kind of) the wall and rail make everything look wonky so the list of things wrong with this quickly mounts up. Chalk it up as yet another near miss and embrace the imperfections.

  • greedy

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    Feeding the ducks and swans along the riverside in Cambridge the sky was soon full of seagulls hustling the other birds and nicking all the food. I couldn't help but chuck some bread at them and watch in amazement as they performed all sorts of aerobatics in order to pluck it out of the air. They never missed or dropped a single piece, especially when it was almost as big as their head.

  • Kings and blooms

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    A shot from my first filmswap where I teamed up with the fantastic captainbonobo.

  • air drop

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    That small black speck on the right isn't a bird, it was a military transport circling overhead. Walking between Boscombe and Bournemouth we saw it going backwards and forwards over the sea before eventually dropping its load. A big container came out of the back suspended by 4 parachutes, followed by a lone parachutist. Immediately the sea below became a flurry of activity with loads of boats all speeding about waiting to pick up whatever it was that got chucked out the back of the plane. We reckoned it was the Special Boat Service, operating out of Poole, on manoeuvres or something. All very exciting. Not that this bloke noticed, he was oblivious. Far too busy roasting himself and catching some z's, totally missing out on the whole spectacle.

  • a splash of red

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    As a windsurfer, you look out for signs that tell whether a beach is good and windy or not. Trees bent over at crazy angles is a dead cert while half a flag fluttering defiantly in the breeze means it's probably worth checking out. I doubt these schoolkids gave a monkeys about that sort of thing but for me it's so much more important than coastal erosion or long shore drift or whatever it was their teacher was gabbling on about.

  • on stoney ground

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    A walk along the beach at Gunwalloe, Cornwall where even though it was stoney underfoot we still enjoyed taking shoes off and feeling the warm pebbles beneath our toes.

  • four feathers

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    Been shooting a few swans lately, seeing as how they tend to work quite well in doubles. Sure enough, having taken the first frame by the river in Cambridge I got lucky second time around on a night out at the O2 in London. It was the Monty Python reunion which wasn't all that great but fortunately there were plenty of opportunities for ground shots in long corridors which kinda made up for it.

  • swanning about

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    Swans are an occupational hazard when rowing in Cambridge. When it comes to rights of way they'll generally get out of the way of a moving boat rather than get slapped by the oars. The rest of the time they tend to sashay around like they own the place.

  • the tunnel of unearthly delight, part 2

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    The lights in the tunnels around London Imax cinema are a constantly changing kaleidoscope of colour. It's only when you take (lots of) photos that you get an idea of just how many variations there are.

  • the girl with the roses in her hair

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    Shot in the rose garden at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge.

  • baby steps

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    As it was her first time on a beach she was a little nervous about going near the water. Thankfully the anxiety didn't last and before too long she got the idea, running around like a lunatic, digging holes, building sandcastles and paddling in the sea. In the end she liked it so much we couldn't drag her away.

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  • Erste "Geh"versuche in der Lomography,...aber…

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    taken with my Diana Mini with Agfa CT Presica 100

  • Instagram: @gillizz

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    Lomo, Lomochrome, Lomography, Color, Kodak, 400, Lomo400, ISO400, CanonAE1, Canon, 50mm, Nature, Portrait, ColorNegative,

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    ReraPan overdeveloped in HC-110(6min at 22C°). A bit of Reticulation Too. On the fullsize pics you see a lovely grain. This film is normally very fine grained.

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  • June in B&W!

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  • Old Lens - New Camera

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    This was taken with my Helios 50mm f/2 lens (off my Zenit EM), fitted to my Canon EOS 550D DSLR.

  • flight of fantasy

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    Taken from a self film swap where I shot the first layer under the flight path at Stansted Airport then added a second in the wonderful gardens at Anglesey Abbey.

  • Svandalen in Sauda 31. january 2015

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    #Svandalen in #Sauda #Cine400Tungstenfilm 31. january #Canon EOS 300 Kitchenwindow. #Snow Snowremoval

  • Svandalen in Sauda 31. january 2015…

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    View from kitchenwindow after snowremoval from the roof.