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A Callout: Tag ‘Malaysia’

Hey Malaysian writers, are you submitting local Malaysia locations, LomoPeople Malaysia, Analogue Lifestyles stories or perhaps some camera reviews and some creative tipster?

Haunted Locations: The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is considered as an architectural beauty. But beneath the walls of this great arena lie stories of strange activities and hauntings. Learn more about the Roman Colosseum’s history after the break.

Nadirah Zakariya shoots with the Lomo LC-A+

Shooting self-portraits is not as easy as it may seem. It is self-exploration, self-documentation, and when done well, can lead to self-discovery.

LomoAmigo Syahrulfikri Salleh Capturing Moments with the LC-A+

Syahrulfikri Salleh, a lecturer from an international university in Malaysia, finds happiness in taking spontaneous photographs, travels and listening to Radiohead or Coldplay. He is someone who enjoys capturing lovely moments with his beautiful friends.

How to Pull Out Stuck Film

Sometimes, our film gets stuck and you can't pull it out. What will you do? Go to the shop and ask someone to help you pull it out? I also experienced the same problem. By getting help from a friend's blog, I have learned a simple way to do it myself. Check it out!

Open Your Camera and Expose Your Film!

I'm sure not everyone likes it when the film gets stuck while it is still in the camera. Here's what I did and the results turned out surprising!

Nenasi, Pahang: A Pure Fishing Village

Nenasi is a fishing village that is so meaningful to me. Why? This is the place where my grandfather started his family.

LomoPeople Malaysia: Mohd Ariff

He has the passion that's hard to find in many people. A little bit older than me, still single and available (if he's not hiding about his relationship status from me). Friendly enough with friends, enemies and strangers. Little bit funny, but sometimes friends don't get it. Always dizzy when he has long distance road trips. And at this time, he can be proud of himself for holding a 'lomoamigo' title.

Greg Ash's 10 Reasons Why 'Shooting Film Makes You Arty'

Film photographers are innately artsy. Everything they do, whatever kind of pictures they take: they are, more or less, automatically considered to be funky-fartsy. Every film photographer's self-portrait is his/her diary — or another just "another arty accident," says blogger Greg Ash.

Spotted: The Holga RED on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth'

The new ABC Family Drama "Switched at Birth" tackles the problems of two families, who find out that their teenage daughters were switched at birth in the hospital. In episode 3 - Portrait of a Father - Emmett, one of the lead's closest friends, proves that switching back to analogue is still the way to go.

Lomography and Dance Track Magazine present the 'Dance' Competition Winner Announcement

After browsing through over 1000 photo submissions, we finally have the winners for this 'dance' competition!

True Colour of Lomography

Some people may see Lomography as a brand, while others may see it as creative photography. Few people may admit that they never heard of Lomography or Lomographic Society even once, or maybe some of them want to have a fun with toy cameras and found Lomography's website.

My Inspiration, My Muse, My Love

Many of us have their own special Lomo stories - how we got introduced and hooked by this magnificent world. My story is a little different from those... It is about the person who kept me excited about this world.

KL in a Day

Here's an attempt to cover the most popular places in the city if you only have a day to spend in Kuala Lumpur, these spots are truly worth a visit!

Wall of Graffiti!

Do you know the best place to see graffiti? Have you heard of Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia or Queens, New York, United States ? If not, then you must Google it! Those are the places where you can see awesome graffiti painted all over buildings. The influence of graffiti subculture is also widespread in Malaysia. We also have our own best spot to see graffiti!

Dataran Merdeka

Color your night with fascinating neon at an old historic building Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad at Dataran Merdeka , Kuala Lumpur. If you want to know more about Dataran Merdeka, you can read reinertlee's article. He had described more about it.

Multiple Exposure : Choose Your Subjects!

Multiple exposure is a photographic technique by exposing your film to different subjects. This technique will produce unique and unimaginable image to your photos. In fact, this method is experimental and will enable you to express your photos in a creative way. This article will guide you on proper subject to be choose for multiple exposure

A Showcase of My Analogue Working Life

Photography needs no planning, location, and time. It should be carried out anytime, any place, all the time.

Show me that you are a Malaysian rumble!

Hello Malaysia! Are you ready? Lomography is coming to MALAYSIA!!

Wear Your Camera Wherever You Go

You've already picked out your favorite shirt and your most comfortable pair of Oxfords. Before stepping out of your house, do not forget to dangle your most beloved Lomographic camera around your neck! Polyvore.com helps us visualize how to be hip while shooting from the hip.