How I Met Lomography


I first met Lomography when I was an intern working at Paste Magazine. Since we covered a lot of music related news I read a lot about what various bands were up to all day because it was my job to be in the know. As I sat at my desk in the fall of 2007 I came across the announcement that the White Stripes were putting out a limited edition camera set with a company called Lomography. I wanted to know more about what these cameras were about exactly so I culled through all of the information on them starting with the examples from the White Stripes and eventually finding my way to the Diana+ Microsite. I was quite taken with the pictures it could produce and even more enthralled at the vintage look of the camera and its insanely simple operation. I decided this was a great gift for my girlfriend at the time (one of those I want this for myself, but I’ll get it for someone else so I don’t feel guilty moments) and quickly purchased the Diana+ “Meg” package.

When it arrived, my girlfriend and I poured through the awesome custom packaging and quickly located a local shop that had some 120 film around. She was quite apprehensive about using it and so I took the reigns on the first roll to help her see how easy it was. I brought it with me to work one evening and shot an entire roll in and around the office before quickly sending off my roll for processing. My results were about what you’d expect from someone with no photography training or understanding of exposure settings/lighting/focus/etc. However, there were a few gems among the group that gave me the confidence to keep shooting.

Credits: zakguy

After seeing what I was able to do, my girlfriend took over and shot an entire roll herself and wound up making me quite jealous of what she was able to produce:

Credits: zakguy

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last and even more unfortunately, I did not have ownership of the camera so I left it in her hands when we parted ways. I’d like to think that it still gets love and attention even if it wound up being a reminder of our failed relationship for some time, but I knew that I had to move on and so I purchased my very own Diana F+ after a few months of grieving over the “Meg”. While the relationship I was in when I discovered Lomography didn’t last, my relationship with Lomography has; and it grows ever stronger now that I’ve added the Diana Instant Back, LC-A+ and POP9 to my list of Lomo lovelies.

Credits: zakguy

written by zakguy on 2010-12-02

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    Its great that you kept going with it :)