I'm a newbie D:

I have been looking at toy cameras every once in a while and always had the desire to own one. Just last week, I was shopping around on the streets in Itaewon after my visit to Ehwa University and I saw this shelf filled with toy cameras in a shop. I got drawn to it immediately.
At that time I was already short of money for the rest of the trip, I probably had only 150 000 Won left for around 4 days and that amount of money had to be used for my food, transport, and shopping. The camera costs 75 000 Won and I had the sudden crazy urge to get it, firstly, because my parents were not there to forbid me to, secondly, because I have been wanting a toy camera for quite a long time.
I never thought I’d buy a La Sardina, always thought it’d be a Holga (I don’t know why), but I got it and it came with a free keychain and film (YAY)! So I could use it immediately.
While waiting for the rest of my course mates in the subway station, I was reading the instructions and figuring out how to load the film and use the camera. I started taking photos real fast and I recall the first few times, having forgotten to turn the lens thingy so that I can start to shoot the photos (wasted, but part of the learning process).
I am so looking forward to developing the photos even if it would turn out not to my liking and I’m waiting to get my next set of film to start learning even more about my camera! I hope one day I’d have all these nice photos to share online.

written by yumyumtomyum on 2012-10-01