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Handmade Black and White Processing

How to process black and white film at home, in your bathroom. Steps for generic Rodinal process and ATP 1.1 process.

Handmade Color Processing

How to process color film at home, in your bathroom.

Analogue Love In Motion

After seeing the article, "Lomo In Motion", by j-robert in Analogue Lifestyle, I decided to share two of my student films from....7 years ago! Join me in my nostalgia with these projects that kick started my love for Lomography and everything analogue.

Sign in with Twitter and Win a Diana Mini with Flash Package

If you want to get a first glimpse of Lomography you can now use Twitter to sign-in for a "light" account – with this can comment or rate photos and articles on our site.

Konica WaiWai : Super Wide Disposable Camera

The Konica Wai Wai camera is one of those strange cameras that only the Japanese can imagine.

Half Frame on Full Frame

Have you ever asked yourselves what would it like to change lenses from different type cameras? The answer is here!

A Room with A Special View

Like to see things big through a tiny hole? Why not transform your room in to a giant Camera Obscura!

The World Inside a Box

Making your own little pinhole camera from scratch is sure fun and most likely will make you feel proud that not only because you built the camera yourself, you'll also manage to produce images with it! But to be inside a pinhole camera? Yes, it is possible with this tipster!

Tipster Obscura & Pinhole, Back to Basics

All you need is some light and a small hole and then like magic you’ll have yourself a projected image. This Tipster brings you the delight of the very basics of photography from the ever experimental community and Lomography team.

Amazing doubles with Olivia!!!